Monday, January 11, 2010

TAG: this story has a picture!

I was Tagged by Mommaduck!

1. Open your first picture folder.

2. Upload the 10th picture in the folder (if you don't have ten pics, then go to the next folder.)

3. Tell us the story behind the picture.

4. Tag 5 friends to do the same.

(Can you believe that this was the picture!! It is her 4th Birthday this week!!)

This is one of our little Lilly girls first pictures! It was from the day we took her home.
(She was born on the 16th of January.)
It was so hard to have Lilly.. I knew that she was going to be our last and I really wanted to cherish every moment of it. But it was a hard time too.. I had some complications that ended up being cruddy.. We loved her so much! My favorite thing about Lilly at this point was that several of the Nurses asked if my Husband was Hispanic because she had so much hair and had such a great dark complexion. (We all know I have one of the whitest Norwegian husbands around so it was funny to have all the questions!)
Look at all that hair.. CRAZY!!

Now, I tag..
Jen Hess, Cari Z., Sara W., Lisa W., Amiee L.

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