Monday, June 29, 2009

Dancing at the Saturday Market

One of the joys of living in our part of the world is the Saturday Market. My Dad thinks it is full of hippies ;) I think it is one of the most fun places to people watch! Enjoy our girls, who dance better than me!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

In the last few weeks.

We have been Crazy!!
All the end of the school year stuff and more!
Here are the a *few* of the snap shots from our lives..
(We start with the most resent.)

Katie lost her first tooth.. She pulled it out all by herself. Sam ran to us to tell Brave girl!

Proof we had it for a moment she promptly lost it!

Me and my toothless girl.

Earlier that day I took this picture of her because she was so darn cute telling me she was going to get it out that day!

Rune found the biggest scary spider in our back yard.

He has NO love for spiders..(they only have Daddy long legs in Norway so he never knows what kind are poisonous.)

we had friends over..

for Birthday parties..

Our BIG 2 year old Niece A.J. ;) Happy Birthday!

Friends having Fun times!

Birthday Cake for our dear friend Doug!

Birthday cake for A.J.

Played with Josh..every kid loves this Car!~

Ate Father's day Breakfast.

Made the said Breakfast! The kids made the Monkey bread!

Hung out with the Elders Quorum gang!

Made Bird houses at Home Depot..We Love the Saturday free kid classes!

Celebrated the end of the school year with a cone!

Katie Graduated Kindergarten! Kate with the Class helper Steve..

With Justine one of her Teachers

Cari her main Teacher.

Kids flew the plane of the roof..With their Daddy of course!

Had some mad moments ...

had some happy moments!

We went to Milla's birthday Party and had rainbow ice cream.

Sam was in the second grade *Follow the Drinking Gourd* program.

We made Cheese!

We did about 4000 things but..this is probably as many pictures as you all can

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I always feel like I had a Wonderful Childhood.. I grew up in a great family & was Loved and Cared for by great parents.. I have wonderful siblings that I look up to and try to be like.
I was so far down the road. In age my closest brother is ten years older than I am! Then there is almost 20 years til the next & almost 22 years to my sister!!!

So.. I did not grow up with *friends* to play with or argue with or tease or defend or fight or make~up with or any of those things that you learn as a kid in a big family.. I have no real experience with any of that.. I kinda think this has crippled me in a way. As an adult I find it hard at times to get along with others, to not easily get my feelings hurt.

I have worried about this as a mother a lot because not only did I not learn these things but I am not always sure the best way to teach these things either.

I like to have our girls wear matching clothes.. I know most people think I do it because I have issues(read OCD here) with matching things.. lol In reality I have thought maybe it is a great way for little girls to feel a bond and stick together ... Whether the outfit is cute or lame they are in it together~

I hope that we are doing things right by our kids I guess we wont know until years down the road :)

Sing along with LeaAnne~

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