Sunday, August 31, 2008

adventure's in NORWAY!

we are getting ready for Goat dinner. :) Jonas thinks this is a bad picture, which it is not. The goat tasted good.

Mommy and Daddy loves you!

Bestemor and Bestefar are loving you too!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

We made it!!

We had a great trip to Norway!! It only took us 28 hours of traveling!! This time I found that the floor in Copenhagen Airport to be a really cozy place to tke a nap:}

We have No internet access at Bestemors (Rune's Mama's) house, so it has been hard for this girl!
So far we have seen the Kvenes "sunset" beach by Mama's house and we have gone to the store many times! I was excited to learn that there is a new bread slicer in town! Things have not changed that much in the last 6 months.

We will have dinner with Greta and Dagfinn at their home on Sunday..Rune's sister is excited for me to taste Goat Meat..(lol) She said it is "YUMMY" we shall see;)

I am missing you so much my little babies BUT... I am having a BRAVE HEART! I love to talk to you as much as I can!

Here are a few pictures of what life has been like so far!

Lea Anne with a Duck

Lea Anne with a Duck in a Oregon State "Beaver" outfit

Little Mermaid Statue

Blurry Little Mermaid statue

Danish Sandwich

Sleeping Rune on the Copenhagen Airport floor

Broken Shoe in Oslo

$10 and $14 for the sausages.. guess what costs what

This is "The Seattle" Price: $10

This is "The Wisconsin" Price: $14

Mamma Astrid (Bestemor)

Big Sander

Elida and Camilla

Elin and LeaAnne

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Our Fairy Birthday Extravaganza~

Our little fairy turned 5 this week! she wanted a Fairy Party~"with lots of crafty dafties!".
So I looked the internet party ideas over and also got some help from my pal S'mee!

You can't notice from the pictures, but we had a Great big fun amount of balloons and streamers!!

Entrance to the fairy land.

When the girls got to the party they put on fairy dust!

Katie saying *Hi* to our Mommy pals.

First craft Fairy necklaces.

(I am glad my Mommy pals are good at helping!)

2nd craft Fairy clips~
(coffee liners from a neighbor and food color water clothesline clips)

the end result.

3rd Fairy ball.. Katie REALLY wanted water balloons.
So the game?? Hit her Dad the best you can!

4th fairly party hats. There were lost of sparkly things to choose!

5th Cake and ice cream:)
*did I tell you it was blazing HOT! (check out my face..I was hot) I think everyone was secretly wishing we could end*


Our final fun thing Fairy time~

Rune made a funky arbor for our grapes this year (we have a great crop now!) so we put streamers up and hung Fairies and Wings that I found at the Dollar Tree and had the girls go in to find their wings.

Elizabeth finding a fairy. (they were the same ones I used on the invitations..Wall clings from Dollar Tree.0


Our little Fairy girls~ :) they all went home with Bubbles and Pixie sticks!

They were so hot I am sure they went home and Crashed!!!
Thanks to our friends for the love and fun of the day! Next time we will have her party on her Half Birthday ... in February! :) lol

I did not get pictures on the older Walker girls and Ben :( BUT we had a fun time after they came to pick up the girls they stayed and played and we did water balloons again! Now that I think of it..We should have just done the balloons and had was so much fun! ;)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

As of this Moment..

As of this moment we have 15 days till Rune and I fly off for our Norwegian getaway.. As we travel again to Norway , this time to see Rune's dear sister get Married!

As you can imagine I have 4 million thing on my mind..I will now jot down a few of my radom thoughts~
(Since we were just there is January some of these thoughts are needs
1, What if I have to pee on the plane? Can I hold it for 15 hours??
2, How many pair's of shoe's will I need? Will any of them still fit after I have been on the plan foe 25 (NO)
3, Should I take 23 dresses?? What if my dress is not good enough? It is Not like I can go buy one there.
4, Should I take packets of *Cup O' Noddle* soup? I am taking crackers!
5, How do I make sure the kids 1st. day of school outfits stay nice till the 1st day?
6, Will Lilly do well for our family and friends while we are gone? (really the question is, Will she dump out all their salt too?)
7, Will I need my winter coat? It's already is getting colder.
8, Should I take a pair of shorts..what if they have the *warmest summer in history*?
9, What if Rune and I die in a freak plan crash and the kids are left behind, will they remember me? Or will they remember me saying*2 more minutes*..I hope like me, they love their mom and would forgive her.
10, How will I ever get the clothes and stuff washed ready for all of us to go? I should buy all new stuff!
11, Katie's birthday is the 19th ..I need to have a party for her before then. HOW lol she wants a fairy party!
12, I need to get every school worry out of the way for them and me. I must not explode.
13, How much will it cost to bring back a lot of candy..I really like that candy in Europe.
14, How can I lose 58 lbs. before we go so that I look better for the wedding.
15, Should I dye my hair..I mean really I have NOT since we went to Norway because I am feeling I am either going to have to keep doing it OR get the picture that I have a LOT of gray hair and just let it go and embrace my inner ED Webb? I mean one day am I going to turn 58 and think.."the time has come, I will stop dying it" and then go to church with gray hair and look LAME?
16, I need to figure a time everyday that I can call the kids and tel them I love them, call them or email or video blog it?? what to to do it.
17, I need to call school and find out about breakfasts..Katie could go eat with Sam in the mornings BUT I think leaving the two of them to get to class by themselves..well that would never happen! They would end up at the train tracks headed for the Island of Sodor.
18, I sure wish I had a BIG plate of COOKIES I could use a BIG plate of them now.
19, I need to get Rune's black suit cleaned, can he walk her down the isle with kids spit all over him?
20, Have we set up our Mail situation yet..what if we get that $5,000,000 in the mail from the Nigerian Government and no one knows it is there?
21, I need to call the garbage man. (His name is Doug..Really get to know your's!!!)
22, I need to get some kind of sedative!!
23, How can I leave them?? My heart hurts! I will be a bad mother forever in my own eyes..
24, What happens if the Toilet overflows on a plan?
25, Why haven't I been listening to the Norwegian language cds??

Ok this was a random sampling. :)
Did I mention I need cookies?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Flora & Fauna of the Larsen home.

These are a few of the things we have been seeing this week. We sure are lucky! We Love time outside and enjoy what Father in Heaven has created. (Even when it is a weed!)

Snake's (This picture was not this week it was the end of June..We have seen them this week BUT I did not have my Camera handy.)

Bird feeders
We had lots of fun making these PB bird feeders.

This little buddy hangs out at our home all the time.
He is sooo odd, following the kids in the yard!
He will sit and let us look at him for a long time.

Peach Iris's when they are in bloom.

The purple is my Candy tuft


This year we had many big blooms!

Clover..the girl have enjoyed watching all the bee's in the clover, I have enjoyed loving them after they have been stung. They have learned the importance of Always putting shoes on.

Even the Weeds!!

Sing along with LeaAnne~

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