Wednesday, January 30, 2008

2190 more Salads...

We just had one of those
It was all good;Food good..conversations, good..ate at the table, good!

Sam says .."My least favorite thing for dinner was the salad, why do we eat so many salads!"

Now, this has been going on for a while..the dislike of Salad..
But he HAS to eat 3 is the rule. I only put a very little on his plate to start with so Dad wont know..Shhhhhh I said to him ..
"You know what kid, you are going to live in our house at least 12 more years in that time you will have to eat salad 2190 more times! This is the LAST time I am going to hear you complain about it!"

To which he.. Made the fake barf noise and puffed his cheeks out!!

Ahhhhhh It sure is quiet now..He is in his room thinking about the way he talks to MOM about dinner..
(and I am thinking about a way to be a calmer Mom:p )

Waiting for Sam

Waiting for Sam to get home from School has become MUCH harder for all the Larsen girls!! I think we were all so used to him being around all the the time because of the Vacation and them all being sick. We are all so excited for him to get home, we wait by the windows looking to see Daddy and Sam in the Van :) We sure love our boy!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Our snow day:)

I like everyone, could not help it..We played in the snow..because really it was more snow than we saw in Norway.. these kids were due a fun snow day:) So here they all are!

(yes we went to church

Saturday, January 26, 2008

A cute little dog

Here he is, Little Obelix, the French Bastard (pardon our French) we spent a night with on the bus from Bergen to Oslo. Instead of a short little jump on the plane, we got to know Obelix, and his family travelling 9 hours, from Bergen to Oslo in a nice journey that made our trip more memorable, and 50 hours instead of the planned 36 that we had anticipated.
Don't let the picture fool you he was HUGE!

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A flight to remember

This is Captain Larsen and his crew: "Fasten your seatbelt and make sure your seat is in the upright position." Kick back and have fun, find some new friends, and play your heart out.

The kids were having fun with this plane at the airport in Oslo. They got to play with other kids there, ones that did not speak English. But that did not stop them from being right in with the other kids.

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Scrambled eggs Selfhelp

We have a little girl that has found that the best way to get the food the way she likes it is to make it herself!

Sometimes the smallest chefs makes the biggest mess. You know the saying.. "You can't make an omelett without breaking any eggs."
Well... it took about 24 to get it right this time!!
Our kids know how to make great big fun messes!
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Friday, January 25, 2008


Lilly has for a long time not been able to say Sam..She calls him Hammy, which is cute..BUT lol the boy wants her to say it the right way!

Well, yesterday she ran to me and said..Momma SAM, SAM ,SAM!!! Not thinking, I said what did he do?? She said, in her best 2 yearold reply..NO SAMMY! And went and got him and brought him to me and said it SAM!

Thats when I understood! She was so very proud, we hugged her and hugged her! Yeah Lilly!!

Monday, January 21, 2008


Ok..have you heard that I went to IKEA in Norway?? I was SOOOOO excited to find out we were geting one in Portland..SO close to home..BUT the 2.5 hours to get there have never been used..SOOOO while we were in Stavanger we ran over..Let me say it Clearly..I LOVE IKEA!! I wish we were closer! I want to go up and see the sites of Portlands now..Will they have the same stuff?? food?? plants?? In Norway you can get a hotdog for 5 Kroner...that is at least 20kroner less than anywhere else..and you can get a bag of DIAM..My Favorite Candy, for 35 kroner..What a deal..I wonder if they sell it here?? Anyone want to go??

Friday, January 18, 2008

Chicken Pox!!!

Sam has Chicken Pox.. Can you believe it!! Well at least we are home I sure am glad that I had a really bad case when I was 17 cause I think I wont get them We are one LUCKY FAMILY!
The girls are all still barfing too! ;)
I love being a MOM!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Down town Stavanger:)

On Rune's 37th Birthday he and I and Lilly girl went to downtown Stavanger to look around and see his old stomping grounds. He was so fun, wanted me to see everything he loved about the town! :) I don't know if you can see..BUT this part of town the coblestone roads are beautiful!

Stian & Trude

While we were in Stavanger we stayed with Stian, Rune's best friend. These pictures are of Stian, me & his wife Trude, Stian and our fam & the last is of his Parents who loved Rune enough to let him kep all his worldly goods at there home these last 8 years..and were ok to hold on to them still:) Her name is Lillian..I bet you can guess where we got our baby girls name from now:)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Home Sweet Home!

We are home! We made it home at 2:30 am..To which we were met with a locked home and no keys to get in! LOL..thanks Heavens we had given my Dad an extra set of keys, & he missed us enough to wake up and give them to us..:)
It was about 26 hours of travel which we had 5 episodes of barf!..poor Katie! She had been sea sick on the boat that past week too! So I was thinking maybe she has a motion sickness prob(the apple not falling far from the tree comes to mind) anywho..After we got home Lilly started to get sick now we are home and all the girls can barf at home! :) I hate vomit!
Enough of that...
I am so glad to be home and safe and able to sleep in my own bed! I am also so glad to eat my own food , drink water with ICE, take a shower in MY shower where I know how to turn the water on! Now ...Who came over and messed the place up while we were gone???

I am really really glad to be back in the US..I do love home:)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday in Stavanger

So this was our great chance to go to Stavanger, the place where Rune was taught the gosple and became a member. He was asked to speak in Sacrament about his life after leaveing this place and going to America and how we have it.. WELL, I have not very often seen my dear husband tear up.. I can count it on 2 hands now. When Rune walked up to speak he was so over come with emotion they had to sing a hymn before he could go on. I think for him it was a DREAM come true... to be here in this place that he loves with his eternal family. I love him more than I ever thought I could. When the song was over and he was to speak it was still difficult for him, so I sent the kids up to stand next to him. As soon as they were by his side it all got better;) I am greatful for the love they have for their Daddy too!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Fjord by the Aspevik's

Ever want to see a fjord in the daylight ? It was had for me to get a good picture of one in Storslett, but I think these turned out ok:) I like the kids a lot too!;) It was so very rainy this day that Lilly did not want to get in the picture:)

In Bergen....

The dreaded Pirate Roberts has found the Larsen Family again..Our long Journey has taken us to a new land where we thought we would be safe, but..NO...HE HAS FOUND US AGAIN!!!!!ahhhhh..

The on going story that I tell the kids about the dreaded Pirate that is hunting down The Great sea captain Rune Trygve and his mighty crew..

When we arived here in bergen and saw this ship the kids imagination came soaring into play! :)

I love that they always would rather hear a Mommy story than any other story:)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Whats for dinner??

Really ANY idea?? The kids and I went was crazy hard! DID YOU KNOW IT IS HARD TO SHOP IN A DIFFERENT COUNTRY!!

Really hard!

I love this girl!

I have always loved all my neices..but this one saved my I am going to give Julie the top spot this week.. In the weeks in Storslett when dear Rune forgot that I do not actualy speak Norsk this darling , just turned 11 yearsold girl, translated everything she could for me..She was like my life line..:)
It was the day we were sitting by ourselves and she leaned over and asked me if I knew Paris or Britney that I really knew I loved her the most in his family;) She also told me that the people on "7th Heaven" were the nicest people in the world! :)hehehe Could be.. lol
She was so rxcited by the Wonka bar we brought that she ate a tiny little bite then saved the rest to show off to her friends! HOW CUTE!
Really how could you not love that!

Sunday, January 6, 2008


Family Picture day here in Norway was a big deal..they had not all been together for 20 years! Mama had hired a Photographer but it fell through so we were lucky to have an in~laws sister come and take pictures for us.

The Sun..or lack of it..

So, when you hear about it being dark all the time it sounds funny and not really real..when you are in the dark all the NOT SO FUNNY..
I think the hardest thing to get used to (besides the food) is how dark it is..right now it is 10:22 am the light has just appeared and looks the same way it looks as it set's at home.. it is not like any sunrise that I have ever seen. The whole sky is Salmon colored! Amazing but in the next 2 hours it will be like dusk and then by 1:00 it will be pitch black again! In a way I will miss this. I can not fathom living in it..but it has been amazing to see :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Sometimes the words here make no sence to me..Sometimes they just crack me up

This is a perfect example of a word that cracks me up here! I know what it means.."Speed bump" it just really makes me laugh when I see

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