Friday, January 25, 2008


Lilly has for a long time not been able to say Sam..She calls him Hammy, which is cute..BUT lol the boy wants her to say it the right way!

Well, yesterday she ran to me and said..Momma SAM, SAM ,SAM!!! Not thinking, I said what did he do?? She said, in her best 2 yearold reply..NO SAMMY! And went and got him and brought him to me and said it SAM!

Thats when I understood! She was so very proud, we hugged her and hugged her! Yeah Lilly!!


Kathy said...

Love that Lilly girl! And Sam, and Katie... And you and Rune too! Congrats to you all. lol

CTR2002 said...

Cute! :)

Rachel said...

Are your kids healthy yet? What a long haul I bet that was.

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