Wednesday, January 30, 2008

2190 more Salads...

We just had one of those
It was all good;Food good..conversations, good..ate at the table, good!

Sam says .."My least favorite thing for dinner was the salad, why do we eat so many salads!"

Now, this has been going on for a while..the dislike of Salad..
But he HAS to eat 3 is the rule. I only put a very little on his plate to start with so Dad wont know..Shhhhhh I said to him ..
"You know what kid, you are going to live in our house at least 12 more years in that time you will have to eat salad 2190 more times! This is the LAST time I am going to hear you complain about it!"

To which he.. Made the fake barf noise and puffed his cheeks out!!

Ahhhhhh It sure is quiet now..He is in his room thinking about the way he talks to MOM about dinner..
(and I am thinking about a way to be a calmer Mom:p )


Rachel said...

OH MY GOSH I just just just got upset with my 9yr old last night about her complaints over dinners. I got so mad. I am mean, too. I told her if she wanted to complain, she could go to bed with NO dinner.
I wonder if they'll ever grow out of it??

Aimeeable said...

Was that your version of a pep talk? I don't little boys ever grow out of that because I still have to fight my husband to get him to eat any of his salad too.

Lisa said...

You are a nice mom. I make my kids take the same number of bites as their Leilani has to take 9 bites of anything she doesn't like. :)

Shannon & Scott said...

Your blog is way funnier than ours! I'll be looking in for a good laugh every now and then!

Jen said...

You have cute kids. Sam is so funny! I know it's totally different when you're the mom in the situation who actually has to deal with the kid, but it's really funny to me! Dustin gags everytime we try and stick anything green in his mouth. Totally frustrating for me, totally funny to his grandparents.

Stacy said...

This made me smile.. I get sick of salads when I diet.. hehe your kids are so funny! :)

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