Monday, March 31, 2008

Selfworth... a great reminder

This is almost a video of my marriage.. I so want to change this for me, and every girl I know.So, let's all practice having great sence of self worth;) Pause the music to hear!(thanks to CTR for this reminder)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pringles from Heaven

How many is to many?
I was at the store today and they had Pringles 2 for $1.00...I purchased 2.
When we were in Norway they were like $15.00 EACH CAN!!
I mean I know they are crazy unhealthy for you and I should have only brought home carrots but..really.. Two for a buck is a crazy great price right?
I told Rune and we went and got 10 more! LOL

So if you are really wanting Cheeseums you know where to go! :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

For the Fam:)

A quick note to all those without a Blog or gmail account. If you would like to post a comment this is what you need to do:At the bottom right-hand corner of the post there will be a place that says:0 comments or 5 comments, click on that. Then you may write your comments in the box that pulls up. Now you scroll down a little and there will be a "Choose an identity" and it gives you some options such as"google/blogger, open ID, Name/URL and Anonymous". You need to select "Anonymous" and then you can do the last step-Right below will be a button "publish your comment" click that and you are done.NOTE: please type your name in your comment so that I know who you are, unless you don't want me to know:)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday

We had a FUN day! Church at 9 makes it really hard to do the Bunny stuff before Church hard. The way it went down you wonder?? Well they all looked and the Hidden things and then looked at their big baskets and got dressed and looked some more! lol

I always like to take a picture of all the baskets..It's my favorite thing to look back on I know it sounds silly..but that helps me remember what they LOVED at that age:)
By the way, I know there are a lot of pictures on this post...I just Totaly Loved today so much!
This is our Sammy Boy's :) He was So excited to find Movie's and George stuff, what a great boy!

Katie Girl's, she could not wait to get the sand gloves on! (Yes, we let them take that to church.)

Little Lilly Love, She just kept saying *ELMO* and wanted that hair pony! Our cute Baby Girl!

Yes WE still do Baskets on Sunday..I am a die hard girl on this! I know, not very molly of me! ;D

At 11:30 Sam's great teacher brought him to me and said he was not feeling well..So I got all of us together and we all got in the car and started home. I asked Sam if he was not feeling really well or what was up? He said to us "I feel a little sick, but I just could not stop thinking about all that Candy." hehehe!

So instead of going home we went to try and take a good Easter picture..No luck.. It was cold and they really wanted that candy! As you can tell by Sam's wonderful happy face he was done!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Primary Activity

We had a really fun Primary activity at the Ward building today! The kids dyed eggs, made their own Easter *baskets*! THEN they also did a great Christ centered presentation and video and singing time! I was so pleased that there had be so much thought put into this activity! They did an Easter Egg hunt in the gym!! (it rains in Oregon!)
My kids did not get an older child to help them, BUT it they did just fine anyway ;) lol
Then after I went to Toys R Us and got 6 pairs of shoes for the girls $25.00 bucks! Yahoo..

Google Reader

If you don't use it you should! It is SOOOO great!
Ok for those of you that haven't figured out this secret, Google Reader is an awesome thing. It basically is like an inbox account for all of your blog links: Which means it tells me when someone posts something new. So instead of having to go through the 40 different blog sites to see if anyone has posted anything it tells me when you guys post something new. Anyway it saves a lot of time, so I would suggest to everyone to try out Google reader.
It's really fun ,come try it, it's EASY..everyone else is doing

Friday, March 21, 2008


So I have some random thoughts..

1. So, last night I went to ward welfare meeting (again) and I was early!! Which is amazing all in itself, but the really funny part is :

2.when my Bishop told me that a lot of people had asked him if Rune was doing ok after Sunday school ..LOL
Well, Rune has a REALLY bad case of Pink eye (again) and it looked like he was a crying fool; and he had to say opening people thought he was NOT ok.. That is so funny to us!

3. My kids will eat anything.. When we had our big St. Patty day meal they ate all of it! No fussing at all..they really are Rune's kids! (like you needed proof) anywho, we had to leave before I could clean the table..when we got home I went potty and came out to see Lilly on top of the table (again) eating all the food we had left out..YUCK!

4. The other day Lilly was laying on the bed listening to me (again), I being the cutest Mommy in the world went over and hoped on the bed and said "Do you love Mommy??" She said "No, Poop!" I said "you love poop??" and she shook her little head and said "yes". hehe I guess there are times that it is great, but really I have never felt that strongly about it.

5. Sam came home from school yesterday and walked over to me and said, "feel my head" I did and he was hot! Then he turned around and said, "it all started with a cough." .
Poor sick boy (again)!

6. I read everyones blogs everyday and think ....hmm how can I make mine as cool as so and so's.. Really I feel like I am in high school and am trying to be like (again) the other cool

7. I hate cleaning the house.. it never stops! When we had one child it was not to hard..when there were 4 of us ..I was trying to keep up my best. Now that the 5 of us are all walking and talking and bringing out the boxes of toys everyday I think..."Crap! I can't do it all again!" but I can not stop..I wish this was one of my OCD things..
I need to see if I can trade with one of you clean girls. I will gladly check your door lock 37 times a day if you clean my house.

8. I made BLT wraps for lunch. YUMM-O
(stoled this idea from a friend.... thats right I steal things!)
BLT Wraps
2 tomatoes
Mayo (NOT MW it is from the devil!)
6 (10 inch) tortillas
2 cups mixed salad greens (also known as BAG O SALAD)
1/3 cup ranch salad dressing (Again, Gregs savory ranch from Sister Costco is the BEST!)
12 slices bacon, fried crisp (or I guess you could use bacon bits, but why would you?)
Dice the tomatoes.Spread a thin coating layer of mayo on each tortilla, about 1 teaspoon per tortilla. Combine the tomatoes, salad greens and ranch dressing and mix well. Spread this mixture on each tortilla so that it runs lengthwise across tortilla. Top with two pieces of bacon. Roll up each tortilla lengthwise. Serve. I like to crumble my bacon so I get a great bite every time!

9. I spent an unhealthy amount of money on Easter Candy yesterday..BUT, when will I get a good Resses pb egg again?? not for a WHOLE YEAR!! So, I feel okay with it!

10. I am going to make Suger Cookies RIGHT NOW! and I will pretend that I am going to take them all to my Visiting Teachies (again) and then eat them all before we give them out! (so sorry to Kate S..I do love you!)

Ok there are my random thoughts..
OH one last one..Try hard to NOT take 4 Advil PM' get a little crazy sleepy if you do!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Marco Polo

Today we were driving to our good friends Tad and Gretchen house and Rune and I were talking and I told him he should wait to get gas till the next day because it is tightwad Tuesday. Then he said "at Arco?"... I did not really hear him and thought he said Marco, well I was up for the game so I yelled "POLO"! LOL

I thought he was being so random..and asked if he wanted to play?? He then looked at me and said "I was asking if you wanted me to get gas at ARCO!"

This is when I can tell I am really starting to need help...

Anyone know the number for Miracle Ear?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


It is March 11th again. I am going to make it I am sure..just need to breath deep and hold on and I will be okay.
It seems that every year it gets to me the same, one of these years I will not feel the sorrow so deep, til then..

Things I miss about you:
I miss your hugs,

I miss your hands,
I miss the smell of your skin,
The sound of your wistle,
Hearing you and your beautiful singing waking me every morning,
Starting the day off in our special way,
Watching you watch us all together,
Your big brown eyes that were so caring and held unconditional love for all of us,
Sitting in a room full of R.S. gals and knowing I had a friend with me,
The constant reminder you were to me of the kind of person I wanted to grow up to be..

It seems that my memories of you are growing smaller, I don't know how that can be!
I forget how you do some little things and wish I could ask you ..but you are not here to ask..

Why did you have to go before I could say goodbye, I wish so much that I could have held your hand as you slipped into eternity.

I will miss you every day of my life.

I know you are there doing the work that you were sent for but I wish you could visit for a moment..

Hold me tight my darling girl, and tell me one more time that I can be anything that I want to be..I believe you when you tell me I am beautiful, I trust you when you tell me that I am the best... Thanks for the childhood, thanks for the young women moments..Watch me as I soar into motherhood ~

I love you Mommy.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Sam is Seven!

Our Baby boy turned seven...

And I can hardly wait to see what he will do next.. I love this man more than anything!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Señor Larsen

Sam's class had a unit on the Mexican culture. I was a little amazed when we got there for the big Fiesta and all the kids were dressed SOOOOOO over the top! When asked to say Milk in Spanish Sam looked at his teacher and said Melk (thats what it is in Norweigian) LOL do you think he is showing his pride of the culture He is from OR was he starting to show his stuborn side (which he gets from his DAD!!!) Then he said Leche. :) ahhhhh Sam!

Sing along with LeaAnne~

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