Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday

We had a FUN day! Church at 9 makes it really hard to do the Bunny stuff before Church hard. The way it went down you wonder?? Well they all looked and the Hidden things and then looked at their big baskets and got dressed and looked some more! lol

I always like to take a picture of all the baskets..It's my favorite thing to look back on I know it sounds silly..but that helps me remember what they LOVED at that age:)
By the way, I know there are a lot of pictures on this post...I just Totaly Loved today so much!
This is our Sammy Boy's :) He was So excited to find Movie's and George stuff, what a great boy!

Katie Girl's, she could not wait to get the sand gloves on! (Yes, we let them take that to church.)

Little Lilly Love, She just kept saying *ELMO* and wanted that hair pony! Our cute Baby Girl!

Yes WE still do Baskets on Sunday..I am a die hard girl on this! I know, not very molly of me! ;D

At 11:30 Sam's great teacher brought him to me and said he was not feeling well..So I got all of us together and we all got in the car and started home. I asked Sam if he was not feeling really well or what was up? He said to us "I feel a little sick, but I just could not stop thinking about all that Candy." hehehe!

So instead of going home we went to try and take a good Easter picture..No luck.. It was cold and they really wanted that candy! As you can tell by Sam's wonderful happy face he was done!


Tara said...

Your kids are so cute! I especially loved the gloves on the girls. Katie was so proud in primary. When we told her she looked cute she said we should thank her mom not her. Hilarious!

And those baskets look awesome! What a fun mom you are!

Linemoren said...

Hey I just stumbled across your blog, and since I have one too, I thought I'd leave a little note to say hi, so you can come over and check out my blog as well! :)
Hope all is well! Cute pictures by the way!!!!

Shannon & Scott said...

Such beautiful kids! Isn't Easter fun?

carizolli said...

Cute cute pictures LeaAnne! I absolutely loved your girls dresses! They looked so beautiful! And I can totally relate to Sam *lol* what a funny boy!

We do baskets on Sunday too. I wasn't aware that was an unMolly thing to do *haha*

Lisa said...

You table, baskets, kids, etc. all look beautiful. You so put me to shame. I always take pictures of my kids with their baskets too, lol. And we tried to get pictures after church too, with our candy minded children, so I understand. I too need an explanation about why it would be bad to do baskets on Sunday?

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