Saturday, July 9, 2011

A teacher you wish would come live at your house..

Did you ever have a Teacher you wished would come and live at your house? One that made you feel like you were REALLY special! The kind that you knew would always take your side, and have faith in you?? I had a couple that I really walked away from feeling like there was someone at school who KNEW I was going to turn out OK.. Ever wonder how your parents felt about that Teacher??

Sam has had a Special friend the last 3 years who loved him and was really into him and his strengths. I have LOVED her and felt so grateful for her ability to see past what other people see. Jen has seen his funny side, tender heart and very intelligent and inquisitive side! This year there have been a lot of cutbacks in our school district and she unfortunately has lost her place at the school.

We will always love that she gave him a place to go that helped him feel safe from the world.

Sam and Jen

plus.. she has cool shoes!

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