Friday, December 28, 2007

I made Dinner

I had brought Curry paste with me to give away or to make one night..I told the fam and Mamma and his sister said " you will make diner on Thursday" so after we had family dinner I many times do you think I have made Curry??? LOTS of time right! This was the first time I ever worried about it turning out was ok..I made 3 boxes of it...WOWsa I only make 2 for the big fam at home..I hope it went over it was a little spicy..Luckily I think I only killed one sister.. ;S oh time I will try to make something with fish??

A serious lack of information...

We went to a funeral today for Rune's great Uncle.. It was an interesting trip it took 9 hours round trip in the car. I saw much more of Norway..yet it was all in the it did not make for great picture taking:(
ANYWHO..We sat in the State church and listned to the clergyman I did not know anything they were saying we all had to get up..Rune's Mom said something to me in Norsk..and walked away..Rune went up to carry the Coffin and the the clergyman cam to me and told me important I had NO Idea what he was saying and so...I did the next best thing..guessed.. Mamma was up picking up the flowers to carry to the grave so I thought they must want me to help.. So I walked up and got flowers and then Mamma Yelled ~"No LeaAnne"...uhho I did wrong.. then I had to go the rest of the day feeling the thing they said to me? STAY HERE..WE WILL GO TO CAKE AND COFFEE LATTER lol oh well..Next time I am here I will know better:)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas at the Doctor's in Norway. guessed it I got Streep Throat AGAIN! Even in Norway I get So I spent Christmas afternoon in the Aftercare clinic getting asked many questions and finally being told it was positive(I new it would be) that I was very sick. I missed out on Julenissen and the Interesting foods..and all the presents:( but got some much needed rest. I am hopeful I will be feeling great by Friday! By the was $397 kroner to see the Doctor and get the meds.. BOY....we got the food for $300 kroner at the airport ..someone is getting an unfair deal here..the Doctor or the food vendor.. you guess which one.

I ate Reindeer heart!

Here we are here eating the many kinds of foods that are offered.. You do not always get the chance t oask.."what is this" lots of things i have to take on faith..Well.. my darling sister in law gave me a dries jerky like item and said to me (in a form of sign that I am getting used to..) eat I did, cause it looked harmless..thats when I am told by my loving husband that I was eating Reindeer heart that she had tendered herself..YUM..(ok..not really) What to do ..I offered them some Turky jerky..and called it good.(they did not like my stuff

We're here.

HOHOHO here we are !
After a crazy 50 hours of travel we made it to Storslett! I will tell you if I never see the inside if a greyhound type bus again it would be to soon for me! After being told in Bergen that the plan we were to catch was grounded and that the next plane we could get would be on the 26th..ahhhh we could not do that! So we took a bus trip from Bergen to Oslo..9 hours on the very back seat of the bus with the same dog as the one from "Turner and Hooch" sitting in front of me with it's big old head right on my lap..YUCK!!!!!! In the Oslo airport we paid 300 Norwegian kroner ($) for 2 sandwiches, 2 muffins, 1 brownie, an apple cut up and 3 waters, thats right folks ..$ 60 bucks for some substandard Subway lunch! Well..I am so glad that we made it..None of the kids had any kind of a meltdown, only me who cried when things got hard. Rune did Great at taking care of us:)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas lights

We have a great set of houses here in our town that always put on a great light display. We had to go up to take a picture because in Noway they do NOT do lights like this at all they only put a small lite up star in their windows..WOW so different the many areas of the world are!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Alice in Wonderland

We went and saw Alice in Wonderland at the Ice Rink and gave to Toy's for Tots..The kids had a great time AND we froze the whole time:) the kids were amazed to learn that it is WAY colder in Norway! :)

We als olearned that the Phone pictures do not turn out We will learn! It was amazing how many Ward Members we saw there! My great friend Lisa, Linda and Merilee were there with their families! Rune was so glad to think with such a big town we still see friends around! Even Rune saw a good friend there! SEE we both have friends Rune! :)

The Christmas Picture

This is our Christmas Picture! Now I hope we send a Christmas letter! LOL ... We have such a short time left till we go every minute is important for me to be getting us ready..I am so excited and so worried I will not get everything done that I want to do before we go. Wish me luck!

Ward party

We had our ward Christmas party on Friday night. It was a really nice night! I even liked the ham which says alot! :) We got to see Santa and the kids were just soooo happy to find out that Santa KNEW they were going to Norway! (hehe We love Brother Davis!) Sam also wanted to make sure Santa knew the train he got last year is now broken and would like a replacment! lol That kid BELONGS to RUNE! IT was a great night and we got a couple of really nice pictures:) YAHOO!

Friday, December 7, 2007


Last week we came around the bend to go home and found to of the cutest little pugs running on the rock quarry side of the road. WELL, thats never OK, they were tooo cute so. We picked them up and took them home and tried all day and night to do our best to take care of them and to find their home. Finally the next morning we found thire family off we walked to take them back the kids were so sad to see them go ..BUT also so glad to not have to worry about seeing them in the house and being affraid for little Lilly. She did NOT love the

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