Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I ate Reindeer heart!

Here we are here eating the many kinds of foods that are offered.. You do not always get the chance t oask.."what is this" lots of things i have to take on faith..Well.. my darling sister in law gave me a dries jerky like item and said to me (in a form of sign that I am getting used to..) eat this..so I did, cause it looked harmless..thats when I am told by my loving husband that I was eating Reindeer heart that she had tendered herself..YUM..(ok..not really) What to do ..I offered them some Turky jerky..and called it good.(they did not like my stuff either..lol)


CTR2002 said...

You don't like reindeer??? Or just the heart? I liked the reindeer sausage I had in Alaska...

Marnee said...

lol...well you did take a back up food supply right?

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