Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Yesterday was my Birthday... (I case you had not heard)
I really feel so blessed that I am where I am at this moment of my life.
There have been other moments where my heart hurt so much that I did not think it would be possible to move forward.. There have been moments that I felt like my entire life had crumbled.. But, right now is the best moment. I hope the snap shots that I keep in my heart will always be these ones.. of a Happy marriage, Happy children, Happy family, Happy Me~

My Life has been blessed, it's a gift from our Father in Heaven~

Monday, October 19, 2009


Once upon a time when I was 18 years old my Brother and Sister-in-Law gave me my very own baby niece to play with.

She prayed for me that I would get married.

We were best friends.

She was always a joy to me.

Congratulations Heather & Stuart Welker~

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

She that inspires Me~

For a while now myself and many of my other Blogger pals have read a blog that inspires us to be more..
NieNie Dialogues it is written by, Stephanie Aurora Clark Nielson.
She now writes of her journey and life, of surviving, of Motherhood & Marriage.
She and her husband were in a plane crash just over a year ago.. read more at her blog.

For some readers it is an inspiration to be a better cook, home decorator, craft/party planner extraordinaire, writer, wife, mother, daughter, sister & friend.
But the thing I bet we all read it for it to watch and learn how to be more loving to ourselves & how to endure life and all it's trial with a realistic outlook .. and she helps us know that God is always with us.. ALL~

Rune and I read it together. We use it as a reminder to love each other more fully and to enjoy our life's in every moment. We have tried t odo and be more loving in our actions and thoughts towards others, we have had FUN remembering to be better friends.

I am always touched by her words..

Well, Wednesday October 7th she will be on Oprah.. I am Not an Oprah watcher.. But You can bet that the tivo will be used ;)

So, If you want to watch something that will make you feel and grow please take a look and see what I mean.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Dinner by Candle Light

This week for our Family Home Evening we had dinner by candle light. Sam wanted to eat like the pioneers. (they are talking about pioneers in 3 grade.) So after we said the payer Sam said "This is just like how the Pioneers had it, right Mom?" I looked around and said , "It's really close pal!" I did not want to ruin it for him by mentioning that they did not have a fridge that magically poped out crushed ice.. or a convenient Fred Meyer to buy their Marion Berry pie at. I am guessing they also had no Ikea plastic glass's.. And I do NOT remember hearing any old time family stories about my great grandparents crossing the country just so they could pick up pear scented candles at Walmart for a buck! :)

For Sam, it was a great pioneer night! That's all that counts right?

Sing along with LeaAnne~

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