Friday, October 2, 2009

Dinner by Candle Light

This week for our Family Home Evening we had dinner by candle light. Sam wanted to eat like the pioneers. (they are talking about pioneers in 3 grade.) So after we said the payer Sam said "This is just like how the Pioneers had it, right Mom?" I looked around and said , "It's really close pal!" I did not want to ruin it for him by mentioning that they did not have a fridge that magically poped out crushed ice.. or a convenient Fred Meyer to buy their Marion Berry pie at. I am guessing they also had no Ikea plastic glass's.. And I do NOT remember hearing any old time family stories about my great grandparents crossing the country just so they could pick up pear scented candles at Walmart for a buck! :)

For Sam, it was a great pioneer night! That's all that counts right?


PJ Productions said...

I LOVE the picture of you and Sam!

Kristen Moss said...

That is cool. How fun. I want to do that.

Stephanie said...

Very cool fun Momma you are LeaAnne. You have the coolest kiddos too. :o)

Anonymous said...

It agree, your idea is brilliant

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