Thursday, September 24, 2009

I survived..

We did it.. went camping and I did not die! We took NO Pictures!! I *forgot* ;)
I know you feel shocked and disappointed to not see pictures of me in a sleeping bag or Rune trying to figure out the tent, none of the kids in their Pj's all day and none of the OutHouse/honey bucket.. None of the great food and none of our neighbors who camped in our grounds with us. You also are not seeing any pictures of the air bed that did not hold the air OR the lizard that the kids found.

It was a fun time I have a true belief that Camping should last longer than 15 hours..Maybe next time *lol* we will go for more than one night! :)
It was nice to spend time with Church pals in the great outdoors! rained.


Jen said...

I love the P.S! I wish Tim didn't work Saturdays so we could have enjoyed the honey bucket with you! Great post!

Verlee said...

Glad you went...and maybe had fun, even with the hitches...just makes the story sweeter and awesome memories! ;)

Melissa said...

It drizzled. It didn't quite rain. It drizzled and misted just enough so you could have the joy of setting up the tent again in the backyard the next day so it could properly dry out. And then the complete joy of folding it and rolling it into this tight little perfect roll that fits beautifully in the case all at your own leisure in your own backyard. :-) LOL Camping is sooo much fun! I loved the drizzle. Drizzle is so much better than rain when you're camping. OHH... I should have raised my hand toda when you were talking about things we're good at.... LOL I love camping.

Kathy said...

LeaAnne, even without pictures on your blog, you put perfect pictures in my head. It _was_ a fun campout! I'm so glad you went. And didn't die... :-D

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