Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wrapping, Opening, Eating

These are a few pictures of Christmas :)
We had three nights of Christmas Dinners..
One with Grandpa and Aunt Patty,
One with Jim & Jeanette and their kids and Grandpa (and a quick hello from Aunt Patty)
One with the Walters family & Grandpa ;)

Katie in front of the tree.


great cousins

Sam and the girls


all three can ride together! :)

Walters and Larsen kids..a fun time!

Dinner with the Webb's Yumm~o

Family Time

(we all missed Mike and Kathi & Heather but we understood.)

Sam and his presents.. church pants & pj's and socks and books from Bestemor & Aunt Patty and planes & legos from us.. AND the SPRUCE GOOSE from secret Santa. We got our "Jule Pakke" package from Bestemor Astrid (Rune's mom) a week or so ago and waited to show them to the kids til Christmas eve so they would have more fun things to open :)

The girls got matching dresses and socks and dolls & pj's from Bestemor! books and hair bands from Aunt Patty and Tinkerbell's from momma and daddy and Santa too. They all got a Yellow ride on toy from our secret Santa too. It was a much bigger year than I thought it was going to be. We have had kindness shown to us by so many people with cookies and visits and love.. Christmas is a wonderful season with great dreams and blessings.

CHRISTMAS EVE dinner with Grandpa and Aunt Patty. We had a nice roast and every one was well fed.

Lilly wrapping Momma's present a new stock pot. I have only ever had my moms.. now I have one with a lid that

Katie is a great wrapper. Lots of tape!!
I really felt like it was a nice year..I was able to do everything with out getting sick or being worn out(which nver happens to me you so I am going to count that as yet another Christmas blessing! :0) HO HO HO

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Larsen's Christmas Time Todo's

Here is our last week..
the 12 we bought a tree:) we did not buy it .. one of my BFF's (Diana) had a coupon for a free tree and gave it to us.. so we were able to get a great big tree and not have to pay $45. yahoo!

Happy family standing in front of our 9 foot tree 9we have always had Nobels but this was our year of the Douglas)

I have always been really picky about my Christmas tree..I even took one back one year..(crazy I know) but I was proud of myself to be able to choose and be happy with one so quick!

Sam got to cut down the tree all by himself!

It took FOREVER;) but he DID IT!! And I was really proud of him!

Did not even complain about getting cold and muddy and tired!!

This is how it looked after Rune cut it..What happened?? We do not know!!

I admit it.. I cryed

After Rune *fixed* it.

I still cryed.. but he did a good job of drilling branches in it!

Sunday night we woke up at 2 and found it had snowed alot!!
Our house at 2 in the morning..The snow was beautiful~

Lilly and Sammy played HARD in the snow!

Sam got it good!

THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT Katie hurt her knee (which is why you do not see her in the pictures)

Lils talking a "walk"

Foot prints in the snow!

Our beautiful tree~

Lils having fun & and getting COLDER!

Sam's so happy he'll do a little dance. This is the view from the drive way looking down our street.

Lilly looking outside at the snow.

Our House the end of the street

Lilly really got it.. (it think her shoe's were on the wrong feet)

Sam felt bad about *getting Lilly* so

Front door

Katie and her bff:) Lilly

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Mice~

My friend S'mee over at Tuesdays Tutorials made these and I just HAD TO make some too!
We LOVED them! she has a great video that will teach you how to make these Yummy treats!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Pictures and a few weeks of no energy..

We have done so many really fun things in the last few weeks.. Some how I have not had the energy to post.. I know sounds funny but I have been REALLY tired, yet I have most likely slept more than I normally I know I am just an immunity system wimp!
(maybe it was all the fun that just knocked me out! Right?~)
Any who here are a few glimpse's into our last week or so.

Here is Our ward party:)
( I was home sick..bummer)

Lilly with Santa Who knows what she asked for ...BUT lets see what the other kids wanted~

Katie who wanted all the candy from his pocket AND,

I understand she was asking for a life sized doll that will sew for you..?? Maybe we will get a maid for Christmas! ;) hohoho

Sam asking for a *Spruce Goose* model and a Lionel train set.. I wonder if Santa thought he was talking to a kid from the 50's lol

Rune who braved the Ward party with the 3 kids by himself~ Thanks Babe~

Our cookies are the ones in the middle on the large glass plate.

Rune took a picture of the meal but did not bring any of it home..I am not sure if he was showing it to me or showing

Katie told me tonight that she wanted to make sure her Ears were showing so that everyone could see how well she can hear.. lol Gotta love her and her ears!

The family Christmas picture~ If only I knew how to photo shop I could be there too.

My favorite kids~

Thanksgiving:) at Our house.

Yumm..Ok you might see we had Sister Costco bring her yummy pies.. I did make caramel pecan brownies.

some of the Fam that came to our house. We had 17 people altogether!!

More fam

The kids Loved playing together!

Crazy Larsen girls!

Dinner with friends~

Dinner at the Brandt's YUM ~
Lilly, Katie and Iris
Thanks again Quincy and Tre!

Quincy, Violet and Kris

Scott, Tre & Violet

Thankful Play~

Katie's Thankful play at school :) Love our goofball faces!

Our kindie Thankful play (the day before Thanksgiving) see how proud Katie was after she did her part;) She was first and stood up and said what she was Thankful for; Her mommy and daddy and grass and Sam & Lilly :)
Go team!
(BTW It was also PJ's day at school~ so lol you can see most of the class looks *sleepy*)

Sing along with LeaAnne~

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