Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's so hard to say Goodbye

Our Dear,Dear friend Delores Ericson passed away..

She was, to the Larsen family, the joy of our street.. Our kids loved her like a Grandma: The cookies and visits and prizes.. the hugs and hair brushing's and understanding ear.. She walked down the Monday before Valentines to tell me they thought she might have a little Cancer and she needed to have a biopsy.. March 7th she passed away.

We all loved her and will miss her.

Every picture that I take for this blog I take with the camera that she gave me..she wanted to see everything we were doing..

When she made it to her next home, I know she was met by a kind lady who wanted to hug her and tell her thanks for loving my kids.....And I know she shared the gospel with her too~
(My Mom and Delores died 10 years apart .. I know they would have been friends0

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A day with no smiles~

One day a week or so ago Katie was at school and had a little accident. When we picked her up the teacher said "oh yeah Katie fell down today." So when we got home I was crazy mad that no one had called to tell us ..I mean she had a Nasty EGG on her head..In my most upset Mom way I took her outside and was going to take pictures of the whole thing to DOCUMENT!!! but I got out there and she looked at me and said.."You can take the pictures but I will not smile!" she made me laugh so hard~ I thought well.. I am not happy about this but I need to also look at the happy things..She is okay and has her same *zippie* attitude that she has always had, so ... we watched her and loved her and she was fine. I am giving the school the bennefit of the doubt. (they did give her ice packs) so there is Katie's day with out smiles.

See how hard she really worked to keep the smiles off her face!

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Monday, March 2, 2009

Five more reason I love IKEA..


Here are a few more reasons.

1. You can count on seeing people you know and love shopping there.

2. Kids LOVE the food and it is cheap!

3. They are obviously animal friendly.

4. Even your husband wont mind walking around it for 3 hours.. he might get a little tired..but no complaining!

5. Frozen Yogurt.. YUM~

Sing along with LeaAnne~

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