Friday, February 26, 2010

Blue & Gold

We had our Troops Blue & Gold Banquet this past month! This was a really fun day! Sam and I enjoyed working together to make the cake and try to have fun at the same time!! It was fun for both of us!!

I was really proud of him, he tried hard to make it smooth and decorate it! When we were working on it I had suck memories of being in the kitchen with my Mom and watching her work on Cakes.. She was a really wonderful cake decorator. I am not great at that.. I have never figured out how to make a Beautiful Frosting rose lol.

Well, in our Fam we tape the Food network cake challenges and watch them together so I knew Sam would love this~ Sure enough when we were putting it together he told me that he "felt like he was on the Food Network!" lol

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Katie's Heart~

Katie had a visit to the hospital..

She had a little heart issue, and had a lot of tests!!

She had to wear a heart monitor. It was really frightening..
But, her new pal Kevin
helped her.

Katie had Xrays of her heart. It helped us know that
she was going to be just fine, after her Medicine and some rest.

Sing along with LeaAnne~

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