Friday, December 5, 2008

Pictures and a few weeks of no energy..

We have done so many really fun things in the last few weeks.. Some how I have not had the energy to post.. I know sounds funny but I have been REALLY tired, yet I have most likely slept more than I normally I know I am just an immunity system wimp!
(maybe it was all the fun that just knocked me out! Right?~)
Any who here are a few glimpse's into our last week or so.

Here is Our ward party:)
( I was home sick..bummer)

Lilly with Santa Who knows what she asked for ...BUT lets see what the other kids wanted~

Katie who wanted all the candy from his pocket AND,

I understand she was asking for a life sized doll that will sew for you..?? Maybe we will get a maid for Christmas! ;) hohoho

Sam asking for a *Spruce Goose* model and a Lionel train set.. I wonder if Santa thought he was talking to a kid from the 50's lol

Rune who braved the Ward party with the 3 kids by himself~ Thanks Babe~

Our cookies are the ones in the middle on the large glass plate.

Rune took a picture of the meal but did not bring any of it home..I am not sure if he was showing it to me or showing

Katie told me tonight that she wanted to make sure her Ears were showing so that everyone could see how well she can hear.. lol Gotta love her and her ears!

The family Christmas picture~ If only I knew how to photo shop I could be there too.

My favorite kids~

Thanksgiving:) at Our house.

Yumm..Ok you might see we had Sister Costco bring her yummy pies.. I did make caramel pecan brownies.

some of the Fam that came to our house. We had 17 people altogether!!

More fam

The kids Loved playing together!

Crazy Larsen girls!

Dinner with friends~

Dinner at the Brandt's YUM ~
Lilly, Katie and Iris
Thanks again Quincy and Tre!

Quincy, Violet and Kris

Scott, Tre & Violet

Thankful Play~

Katie's Thankful play at school :) Love our goofball faces!

Our kindie Thankful play (the day before Thanksgiving) see how proud Katie was after she did her part;) She was first and stood up and said what she was Thankful for; Her mommy and daddy and grass and Sam & Lilly :)
Go team!
(BTW It was also PJ's day at school~ so lol you can see most of the class looks *sleepy*)


♥ rachel said...

Isn't Sister Costco the best?

Miss Kristina said...

Aww! They've all gotten SO big!!! I can't wait to see them again next Sunday!

carizolli said...

Missed you at the party last night. Rune is very brave. I know Jason wouldn't have taken our TWO kids by himself.

I love the picture of Katie showing off her good listening ears! I'm the luckiest primary teacher in the ward!

Kathy F. said...

Ok, so now I'll put on your blog what I told you in person: I was so proud of Lilly for getting on Santa's lap. That is a HUGE step for her. Katie looks like the Elf Yourself elves in her little dress. Bummer that you've been sick. Get well soon. Love the fam.

Verlee said...

hope you are better, or will be very soon. I loved Santas outfit! and I agree brave dh you have!

Lisa said...

We missed you at the ward party! I wondered if you were sick...I guess if I was a better friend I would have called and asked. I hope you feel better soon! I am impressed with Rune because not only did he take the kids to the party...he fed them, got them on Santa's lap AND took Pictures?!!! Boy do you have him trained well. My husband would never think of pictures. LOL

Kim said...

I'm still not sure why I was there,but may I just tell you that your kids were adorable sitting on Santa's lap! I love that they are not shy at all, and Katie was whispering in Santa's ear what she wanted for was priceless. (I think somone in your ward took a picture of it :) )

The Only Rune You Know said...

I am glad you blogged about all this. It seems that my time never goes that far. I am glad I was able to go, but I missed you the whole time. There was one plate I did not get... yours. Sorry. Hopefully I will not need to next year, as you should be there.

I was hoping to get a picture of all the kids with Santa at the same time, but I had some kids without their listening ears.

Stephanie said...

Very cute video... best part is you trying to sing along through your giggles...;o)

Anonymous said...

Rune's such a great daddy! And if I didn't know better I'd guess you were prego but maybe that's just because it's on my mind. Love you and your fam and hope you get feeling better soon.

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