Sunday, December 14, 2008

Larsen's Christmas Time Todo's

Here is our last week..
the 12 we bought a tree:) we did not buy it .. one of my BFF's (Diana) had a coupon for a free tree and gave it to us.. so we were able to get a great big tree and not have to pay $45. yahoo!

Happy family standing in front of our 9 foot tree 9we have always had Nobels but this was our year of the Douglas)

I have always been really picky about my Christmas tree..I even took one back one year..(crazy I know) but I was proud of myself to be able to choose and be happy with one so quick!

Sam got to cut down the tree all by himself!

It took FOREVER;) but he DID IT!! And I was really proud of him!

Did not even complain about getting cold and muddy and tired!!

This is how it looked after Rune cut it..What happened?? We do not know!!

I admit it.. I cryed

After Rune *fixed* it.

I still cryed.. but he did a good job of drilling branches in it!

Sunday night we woke up at 2 and found it had snowed alot!!
Our house at 2 in the morning..The snow was beautiful~

Lilly and Sammy played HARD in the snow!

Sam got it good!

THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT Katie hurt her knee (which is why you do not see her in the pictures)

Lils talking a "walk"

Foot prints in the snow!

Our beautiful tree~

Lils having fun & and getting COLDER!

Sam's so happy he'll do a little dance. This is the view from the drive way looking down our street.

Lilly looking outside at the snow.

Our House the end of the street

Lilly really got it.. (it think her shoe's were on the wrong feet)

Sam felt bad about *getting Lilly* so

Front door

Katie and her bff:) Lilly


carizolli said...

Looks like you guys found your Christmas spirit too! CUTE pics - especially that B&W one of Lilly! Oh my, breath-taking!

Kathy F. said...

Great pictures! I think your tree went through some time-space warp or something. Beautiful snow pictures. And that b/w of Lilly is so sweet. You should frame it. Merry Christmas!

Miss Kristina said...

I agree with Sister Farrier. Awesome pictures! Especially the one of Lilly. I'm sure I've posted this on your blog before but I just love you family so much. You're all adorable!!

quincy said...

Such great pictures!! Your tree looks great. Rune did a great job adding to the bottom! Hey, at least he didn't do what my brother-in-law did a couple years and cut the top off to make it fit in the house!

Lisa said...

I love your tree! Way to go Sam! And I am impressed that Rune could fix it so well. He really is a handy man. Wasn't the snow fun? My kids would love it to snow again. Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

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