Monday, October 19, 2009


Once upon a time when I was 18 years old my Brother and Sister-in-Law gave me my very own baby niece to play with.

She prayed for me that I would get married.

We were best friends.

She was always a joy to me.

Congratulations Heather & Stuart Welker~


Kirsten and Jonathan said...

it really as such beautiful wedding you guys did such an amazing job.

Stephanie said...

Great job LeaAnne... it looks like it was a fabulous party, but really wouldn't expect anything less from you.

Kathy said...

It was all lovely, and everyone looked so happy! Congratulations all around. Love you!

PJ Productions said...

That was a very sweet post. I love her dress and shoes. The red is amazing!

Kim said...

She looks so pretty, and good work on all the decor, you do good work lady!

Sing along with LeaAnne~

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