Tuesday, October 6, 2009

She that inspires Me~

For a while now myself and many of my other Blogger pals have read a blog that inspires us to be more..
NieNie Dialogues it is written by, Stephanie Aurora Clark Nielson.
She now writes of her journey and life, of surviving, of Motherhood & Marriage.
She and her husband were in a plane crash just over a year ago.. read more at her blog.

For some readers it is an inspiration to be a better cook, home decorator, craft/party planner extraordinaire, writer, wife, mother, daughter, sister & friend.
But the thing I bet we all read it for it to watch and learn how to be more loving to ourselves & how to endure life and all it's trial with a realistic outlook .. and she helps us know that God is always with us.. ALL~

Rune and I read it together. We use it as a reminder to love each other more fully and to enjoy our life's in every moment. We have tried t odo and be more loving in our actions and thoughts towards others, we have had FUN remembering to be better friends.

I am always touched by her words..

Well, Wednesday October 7th she will be on Oprah.. I am Not an Oprah watcher.. But You can bet that the tivo will be used ;)

So, If you want to watch something that will make you feel and grow please take a look and see what I mean.


Ging said...

I read that blog!! It is wonderful, thoughtful & inspiring. I can see why you like it.

Verlee said...

I was just catching up on her blog. she is an inspiration! I look forward to seeing her on Oprah!

Anonymous said...

DANG IT!!! I missed it! Shoot.

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