Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas at the Doctor's in Norway.

Yep..you guessed it I got Streep Throat AGAIN! Even in Norway I get it..lol So I spent Christmas afternoon in the Aftercare clinic getting asked many questions and finally being told it was positive(I new it would be) that I was very sick. I missed out on Julenissen and the Interesting foods..and all the presents:( but got some much needed rest. I am hopeful I will be feeling great by Friday! By the way..it was $397 kroner to see the Doctor and get the meds.. BOY....we got the food for $300 kroner at the airport ..someone is getting an unfair deal here..the Doctor or the food vendor.. you guess which one.


Rachel Hansen said...

Oh LeaAnne. You poor thing. I hope despite all this you're having an enjoyable time and a wonderful Christmas. Can't wait for photos.
Be safe!

Lisa said...

Oh no. Of course it had to happen on Christmas. I hope you are feeling better soon, and are able to enjoy the once in a life time experiences with your family!

Kathy said...

LeaAnne--you just have the best luck! I hope you can rest and get well to enjoy the rest of your trip. Hope the kids and Rune are having fun. Looking forward to the pics!

Marnee said...

strep... again??? I am soo sorry!! Get some rest, and I'd say eat, but ummmm, cant really swallow. So, I guess that can be a good thing, blessings do come in strange ways Ü

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