Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pringles from Heaven

How many is to many?
I was at the store today and they had Pringles 2 for $1.00...I purchased 2.
When we were in Norway they were like $15.00 EACH CAN!!
I mean I know they are crazy unhealthy for you and I should have only brought home carrots but..really.. Two for a buck is a crazy great price right?
I told Rune and we went and got 10 more! LOL

So if you are really wanting Cheeseums you know where to go! :)


Marnee said...

I want some pringles!!!!

CTR2002 said...


I sure like ya! You can have my share/portion of pringles. I'm letting go of stuff like that... ENJOY for me!!

Lisa said...

Whoa! Is all food crazy expensive in Norway (I know you said chicken was). Pringles qualify as a vegetable, don't they? :)

Chelsea said...

Ha! I found you. So, this is why you had such interest in taking pictures at the primary activity. I love pringles! (Nevermind how bad they are for you.)

carizolli said...

*awesome* PRINGLES PARTY at LeaAnne's HOUSE! I'm so there! I love Pringles! Which store had this amazing sale?

Sara said...

Aren't Pringles on the Food Storage list at :)

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