Saturday, March 22, 2008

Google Reader

If you don't use it you should! It is SOOOO great!
Ok for those of you that haven't figured out this secret, Google Reader is an awesome thing. It basically is like an inbox account for all of your blog links: Which means it tells me when someone posts something new. So instead of having to go through the 40 different blog sites to see if anyone has posted anything it tells me when you guys post something new. Anyway it saves a lot of time, so I would suggest to everyone to try out Google reader.
It's really fun ,come try it, it's EASY..everyone else is doing


Stacy said...

That is sooooo COOL.. I never knew about that! I think I am going to LOVE IT!! :) Thanks for sharing!! I love your list of music.. I just now had it playing while I was making tatertot casserole. :) mmMmMmmmm.

Rachel said...

Life changing, isn't it???

I actually just use my internet explorer favorites/feeds function. Works the same.

Saves SOOOO much time!!!!!!

CTR2002 said...

I was always told not to do what everyone else is doing... ;)

Lisa said...

So, where do you find this? And do you have to make it your home page?

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