Thursday, March 6, 2008

Señor Larsen

Sam's class had a unit on the Mexican culture. I was a little amazed when we got there for the big Fiesta and all the kids were dressed SOOOOOO over the top! When asked to say Milk in Spanish Sam looked at his teacher and said Melk (thats what it is in Norweigian) LOL do you think he is showing his pride of the culture He is from OR was he starting to show his stuborn side (which he gets from his DAD!!!) Then he said Leche. :) ahhhhh Sam!


Lisa said...

Wow! They look so cute. What a party :)

marneep said...

LOL, what a cutie pie!!!

carizolli said...

That's so cute! Sam looks pretty good with a 'stash! But what's up with that kid in front of him? What is he doing? *giggle*

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