Friday, March 21, 2008


So I have some random thoughts..

1. So, last night I went to ward welfare meeting (again) and I was early!! Which is amazing all in itself, but the really funny part is :

2.when my Bishop told me that a lot of people had asked him if Rune was doing ok after Sunday school ..LOL
Well, Rune has a REALLY bad case of Pink eye (again) and it looked like he was a crying fool; and he had to say opening people thought he was NOT ok.. That is so funny to us!

3. My kids will eat anything.. When we had our big St. Patty day meal they ate all of it! No fussing at all..they really are Rune's kids! (like you needed proof) anywho, we had to leave before I could clean the table..when we got home I went potty and came out to see Lilly on top of the table (again) eating all the food we had left out..YUCK!

4. The other day Lilly was laying on the bed listening to me (again), I being the cutest Mommy in the world went over and hoped on the bed and said "Do you love Mommy??" She said "No, Poop!" I said "you love poop??" and she shook her little head and said "yes". hehe I guess there are times that it is great, but really I have never felt that strongly about it.

5. Sam came home from school yesterday and walked over to me and said, "feel my head" I did and he was hot! Then he turned around and said, "it all started with a cough." .
Poor sick boy (again)!

6. I read everyones blogs everyday and think ....hmm how can I make mine as cool as so and so's.. Really I feel like I am in high school and am trying to be like (again) the other cool

7. I hate cleaning the house.. it never stops! When we had one child it was not to hard..when there were 4 of us ..I was trying to keep up my best. Now that the 5 of us are all walking and talking and bringing out the boxes of toys everyday I think..."Crap! I can't do it all again!" but I can not stop..I wish this was one of my OCD things..
I need to see if I can trade with one of you clean girls. I will gladly check your door lock 37 times a day if you clean my house.

8. I made BLT wraps for lunch. YUMM-O
(stoled this idea from a friend.... thats right I steal things!)
BLT Wraps
2 tomatoes
Mayo (NOT MW it is from the devil!)
6 (10 inch) tortillas
2 cups mixed salad greens (also known as BAG O SALAD)
1/3 cup ranch salad dressing (Again, Gregs savory ranch from Sister Costco is the BEST!)
12 slices bacon, fried crisp (or I guess you could use bacon bits, but why would you?)
Dice the tomatoes.Spread a thin coating layer of mayo on each tortilla, about 1 teaspoon per tortilla. Combine the tomatoes, salad greens and ranch dressing and mix well. Spread this mixture on each tortilla so that it runs lengthwise across tortilla. Top with two pieces of bacon. Roll up each tortilla lengthwise. Serve. I like to crumble my bacon so I get a great bite every time!

9. I spent an unhealthy amount of money on Easter Candy yesterday..BUT, when will I get a good Resses pb egg again?? not for a WHOLE YEAR!! So, I feel okay with it!

10. I am going to make Suger Cookies RIGHT NOW! and I will pretend that I am going to take them all to my Visiting Teachies (again) and then eat them all before we give them out! (so sorry to Kate S..I do love you!)

Ok there are my random thoughts..
OH one last one..Try hard to NOT take 4 Advil PM' get a little crazy sleepy if you do!


Lisa said...

First off, I like Miracle Whip, so I hope we can still be friends! :) Love your random thoughts. You definitely have a better looking blog than mine...I am so the ugly duckling on the block. I love reading the funny things that people's kids say. It makes me smile! Congratulations on being early. I will do that someday too! So there, random thoughts on your random thoughts. Love ya!

S'mee said...

o.k. first off, if this post is an indication of what you normally write, you're hilarious.

Thanks for commenting on my blog!!!!

I will be back.

and lastly, because if you live in a certain city you MUST know each and every soul that lives there too. So I must ask.

By any grace and/or miracle do you know an elderly lady, tall, elegant manner, by the name of Esther Maxfield? She just recently moved from Eugene, but was there for a few years. She is one of my dearest friends. It would be so cool if we (you and I) had that weird connection, don't you think?


Those blt wraps sound pretty danged tasty.

oh, and don't compare your blog or yourself with other bloggers. We're all just imaginary playmates!


Rachel said...

That was such a FUN FUN FUN post to read! Good job, girl.
And fyi: You ARE one of the "cool girls" :)
Your blog is perfect.

carizolli said...

I loved reading this post too! I LOVE YOU LEAANNE! You're so much fun!

I'm gonna try those BLT wraps for sure...hmmm...maybe tomorrow even!

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