Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Sun..or lack of it..

So, when you hear about it being dark all the time it sounds funny and not really real..when you are in the dark all the NOT SO FUNNY..
I think the hardest thing to get used to (besides the food) is how dark it is..right now it is 10:22 am the light has just appeared and looks the same way it looks as it set's at home.. it is not like any sunrise that I have ever seen. The whole sky is Salmon colored! Amazing but in the next 2 hours it will be like dusk and then by 1:00 it will be pitch black again! In a way I will miss this. I can not fathom living in it..but it has been amazing to see :)


Rachel said...

That would be really hard to live in.
When do you come home?

Floweraffair said...

We get home on the 16th of January:) I am looking forward to seeing home! We will travel for the next 9 days in the south of Norway doing Family History work. I am excited to go south where the weather is much like home..I just hope there is much more light:) lol

Marnee said...

Wow!!! I cant imagine living in the dark all the time... too bad you didnt take Whits light with you.

Laura said...

It's like that in Scotland too. The sun will start setting at 3pm and rise completely by 11.45am the next day. I love it in the autumn. It's hard to get used to more sunlight.

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