Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Waiting for Sam

Waiting for Sam to get home from School has become MUCH harder for all the Larsen girls!! I think we were all so used to him being around all the the time because of the Vacation and them all being sick. We are all so excited for him to get home, we wait by the windows looking to see Daddy and Sam in the Van :) We sure love our boy!


Lisa said...

How sweet. Benjamin feels that way about his sisters too. I think that is how I will feel about Alan when he finally starts working!

Marnee said...

that is so cool.. I remember the days when my kids liked each other ;)

Abbie still wants to give her big brother a hug before he leaves in the morning, most of the time he wants nothing to do with her.

Kids so funny, can be all sweet and loving one minute and killing each other the next.

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