Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Whats for dinner??

Really ANY idea?? The kids and I went shoping..by ourselves..it was crazy hard! DID YOU KNOW IT IS HARD TO SHOP IN A DIFFERENT COUNTRY!!

Really hard!


Marnee said...

lol.. the first few nights my friend was in Switzerland, she ran to the market to get something to eat. Grabbed chicken breasts (4) and a few other things...the store was closing in minutes, so she didnt really have time to see what she got. when told the total, she paid, ran home and thats when she noticed how much she paid for her chicken... she said it was the best $35 chicken they had ever eaten... and the last time they would have it in their 3 yr stay!!!

Floweraffair said...

YEAH, the chicken is crazy over priced..as is everything!!I AM amazed at how much it all is! Today the kids and I went to the aquarium and had 2 hotdogs 1 ham and cheese sandwich and 1 ding-dong like deal, 5 little magnets and the grand total was..446 kroner so in us dollars it was about $87! I really felt like the amazing part was that the food, which they put a manditory 14% tip/tax on was 113k which it about $24..and we brought our own drinks! lol

CTR2002 said...

yeah... shopping in America is super tough. Don't use metric at all. ;) jk

Laura said...

It was tough for me shopping in America when I first came here. Everything but food is cheaper here than in Scotland. I can't even imagine what it's like doing that in a non-english speaking place.

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