Monday, January 21, 2008


Ok..have you heard that I went to IKEA in Norway?? I was SOOOOO excited to find out we were geting one in Portland..SO close to home..BUT the 2.5 hours to get there have never been used..SOOOO while we were in Stavanger we ran over..Let me say it Clearly..I LOVE IKEA!! I wish we were closer! I want to go up and see the sites of Portlands now..Will they have the same stuff?? food?? plants?? In Norway you can get a hotdog for 5 Kroner...that is at least 20kroner less than anywhere else..and you can get a bag of DIAM..My Favorite Candy, for 35 kroner..What a deal..I wonder if they sell it here?? Anyone want to go??


Rachel said...

IKEA is awesome!
We always go when we travel down to California and have yet to hit the Portland one.
They're seriously the best.

Laura said...

I recommend their swedish meatballs. Mmmm. So yummy. I love Ikea too!

CTR2002 said...

Yes. The meatballs are yum. I like the $1 breakfast too... ;)

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