Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I love this girl!

I have always loved all my neices..but this one saved my life..so I am going to give Julie the top spot this week.. In the weeks in Storslett when dear Rune forgot that I do not actualy speak Norsk this darling , just turned 11 yearsold girl, translated everything she could for me..She was like my life line..:)
It was the day we were sitting by ourselves and she leaned over and asked me if I knew Paris or Britney that I really knew I loved her the most in his family;) She also told me that the people on "7th Heaven" were the nicest people in the world! :)hehehe Could be.. lol
She was so rxcited by the Wonka bar we brought that she ate a tiny little bite then saved the rest to show off to her friends! HOW CUTE!
Really how could you not love that!


Rachel said...

What a precious girl!

Marnee said...

so... do you know Paris or Britany???

Kathy said...

What a sweetheart!

Laura said...

Dang it, Marnee! I was going to say that... hmph!... So, do you?

Floweraffair said...

As a matter of fact I was just thinking how glad I am that I do NOT know either of them..lol You all know how I worry, if I was involved with either of them I would go crazy! lol

Anonymous said...

thank you aunt lea anne i love you soo much i love all of your kids so many kisses and hugs from me julie<3

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