Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What next?

What next, what can we get next....
I really have a feeling that this is our season of poor health.
In the last 2 months we have had:
Flu..not the friendly kind either.
Bad backs
Open sore's on hands and other ouchies too!
Chicken Pox
Blader Infections
The Barking cold and cough
Pink Eye just invaded..

I think it would not be so crazy, but it seems that when one person gets something they share it with at least one more person.. Which has broght me to a new understanding about my family..We like to share!

So if you have an extra kid that wants to stay home sick from school..let then come over and play..they will soon be sick!


Rachel said...

Come on over here. We've got a sickie on our hands as well. She's missed seven days of school thus far... and counting. :(

Lisa said...

Well, sharing is good. The family that is sick together sticks together, right? Hope Sam's eye is better soon!

Stacy said...

My poor sick friends! I'm sending healing thoughts YOUR WAY~!! I love you! :)

Aimeeable said...

So when are the locusts coming? Why is it that kids are always so sick in the winter? Now that I've got two chillins, it's double the sick time. How do moms of more than one kid ever make it to church?

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