Saturday, August 30, 2008

We made it!!

We had a great trip to Norway!! It only took us 28 hours of traveling!! This time I found that the floor in Copenhagen Airport to be a really cozy place to tke a nap:}

We have No internet access at Bestemors (Rune's Mama's) house, so it has been hard for this girl!
So far we have seen the Kvenes "sunset" beach by Mama's house and we have gone to the store many times! I was excited to learn that there is a new bread slicer in town! Things have not changed that much in the last 6 months.

We will have dinner with Greta and Dagfinn at their home on Sunday..Rune's sister is excited for me to taste Goat Meat..(lol) She said it is "YUMMY" we shall see;)

I am missing you so much my little babies BUT... I am having a BRAVE HEART! I love to talk to you as much as I can!

Here are a few pictures of what life has been like so far!

Lea Anne with a Duck

Lea Anne with a Duck in a Oregon State "Beaver" outfit

Little Mermaid Statue

Blurry Little Mermaid statue

Danish Sandwich

Sleeping Rune on the Copenhagen Airport floor

Broken Shoe in Oslo

$10 and $14 for the sausages.. guess what costs what

This is "The Seattle" Price: $10

This is "The Wisconsin" Price: $14

Mamma Astrid (Bestemor)

Big Sander

Elida and Camilla

Elin and LeaAnne


Lizzy said...

Here's hoping you have a great time! I'm glad you guys made it safely over there and that the trip wasn't so rough. Have fun!!

Verlee said...

Yeah. you made it!!!!I am excited for you. Have fun....glad to see your post!

Rachel said...

Have a wonderful time, you world traveler, you!

carizolli said...

I'm glad you made it safely! I hope you'll be able to post often! It was so much fun reading your updates last time you were there!

S'mee said...

Fabulous! Thanks for letting us in on all the cool family stuff! : )

Kathy F. said...

Woohoo! You made it! And without a giant dog head drooling on you for hours. The food looks good, although pricey. Like the duck. Like the smiles on everyone's faces. Have fun!

Lisa said...

You broke your shoe at the airport?! Never a dull moment is there?

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