Saturday, August 23, 2008

Our Fairy Birthday Extravaganza~

Our little fairy turned 5 this week! she wanted a Fairy Party~"with lots of crafty dafties!".
So I looked the internet party ideas over and also got some help from my pal S'mee!

You can't notice from the pictures, but we had a Great big fun amount of balloons and streamers!!

Entrance to the fairy land.

When the girls got to the party they put on fairy dust!

Katie saying *Hi* to our Mommy pals.

First craft Fairy necklaces.

(I am glad my Mommy pals are good at helping!)

2nd craft Fairy clips~
(coffee liners from a neighbor and food color water clothesline clips)

the end result.

3rd Fairy ball.. Katie REALLY wanted water balloons.
So the game?? Hit her Dad the best you can!

4th fairly party hats. There were lost of sparkly things to choose!

5th Cake and ice cream:)
*did I tell you it was blazing HOT! (check out my face..I was hot) I think everyone was secretly wishing we could end*


Our final fun thing Fairy time~

Rune made a funky arbor for our grapes this year (we have a great crop now!) so we put streamers up and hung Fairies and Wings that I found at the Dollar Tree and had the girls go in to find their wings.

Elizabeth finding a fairy. (they were the same ones I used on the invitations..Wall clings from Dollar Tree.0


Our little Fairy girls~ :) they all went home with Bubbles and Pixie sticks!

They were so hot I am sure they went home and Crashed!!!
Thanks to our friends for the love and fun of the day! Next time we will have her party on her Half Birthday ... in February! :) lol

I did not get pictures on the older Walker girls and Ben :( BUT we had a fun time after they came to pick up the girls they stayed and played and we did water balloons again! Now that I think of it..We should have just done the balloons and had was so much fun! ;)


Sara said...

Yeah!! for Fairy Parties! It sounds like lots of fun!! And I know what you mean about those hot summer birthdays--any excuse to involve dumping water on people is good. :)

Verlee said...

sounds like a wonderful party. just remember, you get rain in feb! right? hope everything is coming together for your trip!

carizolli said...

You guys sure know how to throw a party! That was so much fun! Jenalyn wanted to wear her fairy wings to church today and she was sad when her fairy dust washed off in the tubby last night.

Stephanie said...

What a great party! Looks like your fairy got all of her wishes. ;o) Great job LeaAnne~~~

Rachel said...

What a creative and fun mama you are!!!

Have fun in Norway. How many more days????

P&J Productions said...

It was such a great party! Jessica had an absolute ball and is loving her fairy wings. I'm so glad that you posted so many pictures because I forgot my camera and now I can show Peter all the cool stuff we did.

Kathy F. said...

What fairy fun! Happy birthday to Katie girl. You needed a hat or something to stay out of that blazing sunshine, though!

Have a great time in Norway!

Eryn said...

We had a blast!!! I've been to a lot of kiddie parties, but never a fairy party! And the crafts were SO cute! Thanks for having us!

Lisa said...

You really did a great job, LeaAnne! It looked great and the kids had lots of fun. Thanks for going the extra mile for my other kids. Have a great trip tomorrow. Luv ya!

S'mee said...

Wow! I just got internet back after being absent a few days...I am so glad the ideas worked out for you all. It looks like it was a smashing success!

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