Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Flora & Fauna of the Larsen home.

These are a few of the things we have been seeing this week. We sure are lucky! We Love time outside and enjoy what Father in Heaven has created. (Even when it is a weed!)

Snake's (This picture was not this week it was the end of June..We have seen them this week BUT I did not have my Camera handy.)

Bird feeders
We had lots of fun making these PB bird feeders.

This little buddy hangs out at our home all the time.
He is sooo odd, following the kids in the yard!
He will sit and let us look at him for a long time.

Peach Iris's when they are in bloom.

The purple is my Candy tuft


This year we had many big blooms!

Clover..the girl have enjoyed watching all the bee's in the clover, I have enjoyed loving them after they have been stung. They have learned the importance of Always putting shoes on.

Even the Weeds!!


Lisa said...

Nice pictures. Your flowers are pretty. I love the dragonfly picture. Did you somehow touch that up in Picassa or did you do it with your camera? Very nice! P.S. don't worry about mailing the girls activity stuff. You are right, I don't think it would get here before we leave. Miss ya! But we will be seeing everyone before too long :)

LeaAnne said...

Lisa, I used Picassa to sharpen the pictures. I also use it to add a fill light.Plus I cropped a few. :)
That Dragon fly sat there for about 10 minuets! it was a perfect photo opportunity. I generally like the blue Dfly's best but, this one is just different and friendly!!
My niece Sara(Webb) has a great camera and took the MOST beautiful picture of a butterfly. When I saw this little guy the first day I had to see if I could get at least a nice one. I like the fact that you can see it's little hairs!

When do we see you, this weekend??

Julie said...

I love it! So cool! So much diversity right in your own backyard! I am impressed with your photo skills...Love it!

Sara Webb said...

That's a cool picture of the dragon fly! Dragon flys are the oddest bug, it's almost earie (sp?). I miss my hydrangea bushes :( I miss my back yard for that matter, even all the weeds (and there were alot).

Rachel said...

Hydrangeas are my fave!
Your little dragonfly friend is sweet. How fun for the kiddos... and YOU.

S'mee said...

that photo is amazing! LOVE it.

Linemoren said...

How did you stand taking a picture of the snakes??? How could you stand having them in your yard at all?? Were it me, I would scream at the top of my lungs, like a banshee and call the police, the exterminators, the firemen, anyone who would take my call and come take them away... far far faaaar away... *shudder* I HATE creepy crawlies...

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