Tuesday, August 12, 2008

As of this Moment..

As of this moment we have 15 days till Rune and I fly off for our Norwegian getaway.. As we travel again to Norway , this time to see Rune's dear sister get Married!

As you can imagine I have 4 million thing on my mind..I will now jot down a few of my radom thoughts~
(Since we were just there is January some of these thoughts are needs really..lol.)
1, What if I have to pee on the plane? Can I hold it for 15 hours??
2, How many pair's of shoe's will I need? Will any of them still fit after I have been on the plan foe 25 hours..lol (NO)
3, Should I take 23 dresses?? What if my dress is not good enough? It is Not like I can go buy one there.
4, Should I take packets of *Cup O' Noddle* soup? I am taking crackers!
5, How do I make sure the kids 1st. day of school outfits stay nice till the 1st day?
6, Will Lilly do well for our family and friends while we are gone? (really the question is, Will she dump out all their salt too?)
7, Will I need my winter coat? It's already is getting colder.
8, Should I take a pair of shorts..what if they have the *warmest summer in history*?
9, What if Rune and I die in a freak plan crash and the kids are left behind, will they remember me? Or will they remember me saying*2 more minutes*..I hope like me, they love their mom and would forgive her.
10, How will I ever get the clothes and stuff washed ready for all of us to go? I should buy all new stuff!
11, Katie's birthday is the 19th ..I need to have a party for her before then. HOW lol she wants a fairy party!
12, I need to get every school worry out of the way for them and me. I must not explode.
13, How much will it cost to bring back a lot of candy..I really like that candy in Europe.
14, How can I lose 58 lbs. before we go so that I look better for the wedding.
15, Should I dye my hair..I mean really I have NOT since we went to Norway because I am feeling I am either going to have to keep doing it OR get the picture that I have a LOT of gray hair and just let it go and embrace my inner ED Webb? I mean one day am I going to turn 58 and think.."the time has come, I will stop dying it" and then go to church with gray hair and look LAME?
16, I need to figure a time everyday that I can call the kids and tel them I love them, call them or email or video blog it?? what to do..how to do it.
17, I need to call school and find out about breakfasts..Katie could go eat with Sam in the mornings BUT I think leaving the two of them to get to class by themselves..well that would never happen! They would end up at the train tracks headed for the Island of Sodor.
18, I sure wish I had a BIG plate of COOKIES I could use a BIG plate of them now.
19, I need to get Rune's black suit cleaned, can he walk her down the isle with kids spit all over him?
20, Have we set up our Mail situation yet..what if we get that $5,000,000 in the mail from the Nigerian Government and no one knows it is there?
21, I need to call the garbage man. (His name is Doug..Really get to know your's!!!)
22, I need to get some kind of sedative!!
23, How can I leave them?? My heart hurts! I will be a bad mother forever in my own eyes..
24, What happens if the Toilet overflows on a plan?
25, Why haven't I been listening to the Norwegian language cds??

Ok this was a random sampling. :)
Did I mention I need cookies?


Verlee said...

amazingly, all the important things will come together, and you will be ready when you need to be. and most of the things you are worried about will not be a problem at all. Remember, the kids and you guys are in the Lord's hand while you are apart. Enjoy yourselves!

Lizzy said...

You're freaking out! I wish I could come over and help you get everything ready, but I can't. So I'll help via blog. Take a deep breath, it's going to be a long comment.

First of all, you're doing the right thing. You're kids will miss you, but they will have, I'm sure, very capable and loving people to look after them while you're away. Plus, they'll be so busy with school that they'll be fine. And just think of all those hugs and kisses when you get back.

Regarding clothes. Take a little bit of everything for yourself. You just never know. Or go to weather.com and see what the forecast says. Drop the suit off to get it cleaned. While it's being cleaned, iron your kids first day of school clothes and hang them in YOUR closet so they don't get messed with.

Don't drink anything before your flight. Pee right before you board. Stay away from the cup of noodle. All that extra sodium is going to give you headache. But definitely take some crackers.

Did I get everything? You will have so much fun! I'm jealous you get so much alone time with the husband. All this worry is natural. Go get a plate of cookies.

carizolli said...

You're NOT a bad mama for leaving your kids, LeaAnne! I'm sure everything will be fine. They'll miss you and you'll miss them, but it will be a happy reunion when you get back. Maybe this separation will help them appreciate all that you do for them every day.

Hmmm...I'm wondering if Liz has been thru this before. Sounds like she really knows what she's talking about!

Likes Chocolate said...

Found your blog from blog hopping. Don't worry I am not a stalker and will most likely never see your blog again. However, in answer to your question if you need a in Norway. We are in Switzerland right now and it is cold, so I think it will be cold there too. Good luck! Hope your children do not poor out all the salt while you are gone. I can totally relate.

Jen said...

Holy crow woman, you really do need a sedative!!! All I can tell you is that it will all be ok...your kids will still love you and you won't miss a beat! And somehow, everything that needs to get done will get done.

Heather said...

You are a great mom! The trip will be wonderful and the kids will do great. Make sure you give yourself credit for the wonderful mom you are, Rune credit for the great dad he is and the kids credit for the good kids they are. You are awesome LeaAnne!

S'mee said...

Start drinking ONLY water and get your system clear of sodium. And maybe wear a depends! ; )

With a 15 hr flight, wear your largest and longest set of unders - you want lots of comfy room, a tee shirt, sundress or jumper, sweater, and slip on shoes or sandals. Pants can bunch up if you know what I mean and after a few hours of bunch your legs begin to sting. A dress is much more comfy. TMI but there you go. The layering will help with temp changes and the slip on shoes with security and in-flight puffing.

shoes: sandals for the sunny days and in the shower, one walking pair, one dress pair and if you can manage it an all around casual pair.

Try to make your outfits blend and carry over so that you don't have to bring the entire closet. Like with the sundress, you can wear a tee under it one day and over it another for a skirt look, add a scarf or belt and it looks completely different. Same with pants, do you have any that convert from pants to capris? Bring a "nice" dress that can be accessorized to make it go from church to formal.

Snacks = crackers, maybe a granola bar, an apple will fill you up and take care of thirst, nuts, mints.

Party ideas I got and will mail you.

Style your hair, don't dye it, you look fabulous the way you are.

Grab all those clothes and -just this once- take them to the cleaners. I LOVE the idea of storing them in your closet, great! Leave the grown up clothes alone until it's time to pack. Just go slightly casual to church for the next few weeks.

You have two weeks, write your kids one note each every night until you leave and pack them away. Let them open one up each night while you're gone. Set up a private blog and teach them how to get to it, post as often as you can while you're there.

You are not a bad mom. Now go get some cookies!

S'mee said...

went in search of ideas for you, shoot me an e-mail so I can send to you...

pilokween at msn dot com

Sara said...

LeaAnne you are just awesome! And you will be just fine.

I love reading your blog because it takes me right back to our Santa Clara 2nd ward days :) We will have to get together when you get back now that I am back in Lane County! (But not before you go, don't add another thing to the list.)

Anonymous said...

First BREATHE! Everything will be okay. Just remember to have fun. My favorite was: "What happens if the Toilet overflows on a plane". They'll probably say "is there a janitor on board?" And then someone will say "I'm not a janitor but I play one on TV" and the cool janitor from Scrubs will stand up. Then I'd say you should hold it for the 15 hour plane ride. Love you and again remember to have fun and enjoy your trip!!!

Lisa said...

If it wasn't the middle of the night, I would bake you a HUGE plate of cookies and bring them to you :) I was thinking...what if you video yourself reading the kids a story or singing a song or something and then put it on a cd (or dvd). Then send the cd with them to wherever they are staying and have the family play it for them on the computer whenever they need to see or hear you. It wouldn't be as good as the real thing, of course, but I bet they would like it.

Kathy F. said...

OK, so take a breath. You are going to be fine. The kids will be fine. Rune will be fine. The clothes will be fine. Your house will be fine. The plane will be fine. You've done all this wonderful worrying, and we both know that the things we worry about never happen. So I figure you've got it all covered! Way to go! Now you can just sit back and relax, knowing you've taken care of it all.

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