Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I always feel like I had a Wonderful Childhood.. I grew up in a great family & was Loved and Cared for by great parents.. I have wonderful siblings that I look up to and try to be like.
I was so far down the road. In age my closest brother is ten years older than I am! Then there is almost 20 years til the next & almost 22 years to my sister!!!

So.. I did not grow up with *friends* to play with or argue with or tease or defend or fight or make~up with or any of those things that you learn as a kid in a big family.. I have no real experience with any of that.. I kinda think this has crippled me in a way. As an adult I find it hard at times to get along with others, to not easily get my feelings hurt.

I have worried about this as a mother a lot because not only did I not learn these things but I am not always sure the best way to teach these things either.

I like to have our girls wear matching clothes.. I know most people think I do it because I have issues(read OCD here) with matching things.. lol In reality I have thought maybe it is a great way for little girls to feel a bond and stick together ... Whether the outfit is cute or lame they are in it together~

I hope that we are doing things right by our kids I guess we wont know until years down the road :)


Lizzy said...

I grew up in a big family, 7 kids total. My little sister is 14 months younger than I am so my mom just pretended we were twins. We were ALWAYS dressed in the same, home-sewn outfits- some cuter than others. We still to this day laugh about it. So it worked for us... it could work for your girls!

Eryn said...

Cutest girls ever! I'm definitely a fan of the matching clothes!

Brynn said...

You & I have talked about this many, many times, I too love the matchy clothes. Even though I can't get away with that as much anymore, I still make sure it's at least matching colors. LOL

Darling pics of the girls!

Kathy said...

I think you're doing a great job of teaching those kids to love each other. Love the matching clothes. Love the hugs.

Lisa said...

I hope that doing things together as a family will bring unity among my kids - and you guys do that with your family all the time too. You also show them love and caring all the time, so I think it will all turn out okay. The cute matching outfits are just icing on the cake! My kids love to match still :)

Jen said...

What a cute little family! I think matching clothes are precious.

Ging said...

Thanks again for sharing- I even scanned through all of your pictures to get up-dated on your busy summer. Seriously good times!!

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