Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Long Easter Weekend...(Or the days of to many pictures..)

OK, let me start by saying this... I know you are being forced to look at a crazy amount of pictures with this post.. I am sorry for that! BUT, in my defense, We have had a Crazy Wonderful, BUSY, Blessed weekend!
So here it goes, try hard not to notice my poor grammar skills!

It all started Thursday night at Sam's 2nd grade Presidents on Parade Program

He represented JFK I thought he did the best! ;)

Grandpa went with us ! The next morning was spent getting Easter stuff together and preparing for our Activity Day Girls parents night. (I am the Leader)

Then we had a clear break in the weather and took advantage of it by calling everyone and having our *impromptu* yearly family Egg Hunt over 300 this year.

While the hunt was going on..

I was making Appetizers for the Activity night program.. finding serving dishes to lend my great pal Quincy for her wonderful family event,

and watching the kids,

and being amazed that 8 little kids can find so many eggs so quick!!

got dressed and went to church..so my little pals & Zelda(my assistant) & I could
have a great modest fashion show:)

Also we ate like crazy..

The before mentions appetizers.
I went home and rested then got busy making desserts.
Woke up and made a little more then went to a baptism.. :)

We got to witness a family get the greatest gift:)

This good friend is married to ...

The cleanest newest member of the ward! It was a blessing..really a joy for my little family
to see this man accept the gospel with his whole heart. And for himself, and his dear family
chose to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We will always remember the impact that this has made on our family.
We then went to their house and had a great family BBQ! A great gathering of Friends & Family that love & support each other.

We went home and rested..(fainted..lol) then got up and made..

Sam's Easter Eggs

Katie's Eggs

Lilly's Eggs

LeaAnne's Eggs

Rune's eggs

Then we listened to the story of how after Jesus was Crucified they took his body to the tomb and and washed and prepared it.. I used this cool idea I found online to show the representation
or Christ's body and how the tomb was empty.:)

The ingredients..

Putting them in the *tomb* when they came out..Jesus was *gone* ;) cute idea for kids!
Then Rune went to work :) so did I..lol

Katie's: (Here are the kids baskets:p)


Sam's (you can also see mine and Rune's in the back there too!!)
We woke up to them and to the most yummy Easter Breakfast casserole.



Easter Photo Opportunity :)

Girls in dots

We Then went to church and had a wonderful Sunday Service!
Rune was asked to help in the Confirmation for Tracy!
Then we listened to our Ward leaders council and love us.
We then came home and had a fantastic meal and a small (17 people) family gathering.
This was such a great Easter Weekend! We saw our friends family change and grow:) we remembered our own Missions and Promises and Covenants:) We again remembered the Atonement which make this all possible, what more could a family ask for!


The Webb Clan said...

Wow that is a busy weekend! I'm interested in the tomb recipe, you should post it on have a taste or send me the recipe.

Kathy said...

My stars, Lea Anne! Could you have squeezed in one more fantastic, busy activity?! You amaze me, girlfriend. What a wonderful time!

Sara said...

Wow!! All in one weekend?! Hopefully you had a good nap on Monday :)

quincy said...

Thanks for being a part of our special weekend! We love you guys!

carizolli said...

Really? Was that all in one weekend? Are you kidding me? I believe the "fainted" part. I know I would have.

I'd like the empty tomb recipe/instructions too. It would make a great FHE (since we missed it for Easter) :)

Verlee said...

never apologize for lots of photos....so glad you had such an amazing Easter weekend! love the dresses!

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