Tuesday, November 3, 2009

So far so good...

For my Bday this year I asked for a Great Big Present~ It was not one that I had ever thought of before..

I asked Rune for the gift of Daily Companionship Scripture Study and Prayer..(DCSSP)

Not to say that we wont continue to do it with the fam or by ourselves but to study and pray together..:)

Well... So far so good! we have had a day or two where our reading was a little later than the set aside 6:30 am that we agreed to , BUT we have gotten it done each day!

I am proud of us~ I like it because everyday I am getting a great big gift, Love. We both love the scripture, went on Missions, serve the Lord..
But I am not sure we were taking time together to show our Love & Dedication to each other and to Father in Heaven in a meaningful way.

It has surly given our evening and morning prayers with the kids a great boost too~ Sam, who is not a strong reader has been more excited & even told us his interpretation of a scripture that was wonderfully insightful! I know that that kids scriptural growth is directly related to ours~

What a wonderful thing!! Plus think of it..It's a year of getting a birthday present ever day!! :) Yahoo~


PJ Productions said...

That is wonderful. Way to go. What a great way to really connect with your sweetie in a spiritual way.

Lisa said...

That is a great gift! I bet it will bless your lives over and over again this year. I really like all the pictures of you and Rune too. I need to make sure Alan and I take pictures together more often. :)

Kathy said...

What a beautiful couple you are! I think it's wonderful gift, too, and will keep giving you blessings all year and all your lives and your children's lives. You're an inspiration!

Kristen Moss said...

You are inspiring.

You know what I thought of... you most likely after doing it for one year will continue. So think of it as a life time of gifts one everyday.


Anonymous said...
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