Sunday, December 6, 2009

Oh what do you do in the Winter time, when all the world is cold??


We have found a fun pass time this year~ taking pictures of the kids through the frozen layers of ice we find around the yard. ;)
Then, we smash it! lol It is a fun family activity.. And it did not cost us anything!


S'mee said...

Those rare some terrific

Stephanie said...

Love it! LeaAnne I love hearing your laugh... giggle. Makes me smile.
Simple joys are the best!

Lisa said...

You have the most creative ideas. They will remember this for years! How come I don't get ice in my yard? LOL

Aimeeable said...

Free is a fabulous price! I bet my kids would just love pouring water into stuff and seeing how it froze the next day. Thanks for the great idea!

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