Thursday, June 17, 2010

Have I mentioned we are going on TREK??

Ok probably anyone who would take the time to read my blog already knows.. We are going on an LDS youth Pioneer Trek with our Stake!!

So If you are a reader of the old blog you also know I am NOT a camper!! So, why am I SO excited about this???

1, My whole life I have heard Pioneer stories and thought I could never do that.. Now I get a chance to try and EVEN more I hope I can have an stronger love for these saints and their dedication.

2, I am excited to test myself..(And scared to DEATH!) Physically, Mentally, Emotionally but most of all.. Spiritually!! I think during my mission I felt the spirit like never before, or since~ I am praying that this will bring that up a notch! :)

3, I Loved doing things that were really spiritual when I was a Youth.. I am praying that we one of the 10 kids that is in our "family" will want to soak it in!

4, I can't wait to see Rune experience this pioneer moment.. He has his own, I know~ BUT, he LOVES family history and I know this will make it burn even stronger in his heart.

5, I have learned SO much more about my own families history and that means SO much to me.. My Dad is almost 80, he will not be around to ask forever.. Doing this now has given he and I a whole new subject to talk about!

We leave in 6 days.. YIKES~ I will try and get some more on before we go and will get a bunch more up after~ I have not found any blogs about other folks experience. I hope I will get that up~!


Kirsten said...

You are going to have such a amazing time. I can't wait to hear all about it.

Kathy said...

You are going to be such an amazing Ma and Pa! The children in your group are so blessed! I know you can do this and you will come out the other side with wonderful stories and experiences. Yay!

Kim said...

I heard the trek was amazing, and I hope you got some of the experiences you hoped! It sure would have been fun to be a part of that. And you look absolutely marvelous in your pioneer attire :)

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