Monday, October 18, 2010

Portrait by a Friend!

I have this pal.. Kristen, She is Fantastic! We worked together in or Church helping 8 to 12 year old and now again we work together with 12 to 18 year old gals.. SHE is a BLAST~
You know what else she is.. a Photographer!
That's right she is one of those gals who is Unbelievably talented and making kids look cute and Adult's look youthful! I have longed to have a pal that could make my wrinkles SMOOTH and my teeth look WHITE~
She is doing a Portrait GIVE AWAY!!
Hope on over to her Blog and ruin my chance of winning! :)
(Really~ even if I don't win we are going to have her take pictures.. She is So great~)

You can see we need a new picture!

My poor family has issues smiling..haha oh well!

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