Sunday, December 5, 2010

Merry Christmas

Every year when Christmas times comes around I think to myself..
"Why didn't I work all year on getting things ready and purchased.."

I think, "why am I not the one who sends homemade Christmas cards the day after Thanksgiving."
Better come I don't even keep a list of who I sent cards to last year... ?

I feel Grateful when last years dresses still fit the girls..
And pray they don't get taller,
at least till after the winter so they can wear them every week!

I wonder, "Who is in charge of all the celebrations?"
Then I look around for the Mom.
You know.. the one who will make it all happen and even make it look effortless~

Then I remind myself..

(With a LOT of help from a loving Father in Heaven)

I am really good under pressure..
Things will be fine and our family will love whatever I do~
Because in Their Eyes I am perfect! (well..mostly)
So I need to just go with the flow..
I have to remember ..The only person I am competing with.. is me.
and I am good~ :) (well.. lol Mostly)


Merry Christmas~


Kristen Moss said...

You are good, and I am not surprised that they think you are perfect, because you are really good. I seriously think you are one talented mama and I can only imagine the kind of festivities your kids enjoy. You have it more together than you think lea anne.

Plus your polka dot dress is stunning on you!

Kathy said...

You ARE good! In fact, you're GREAT! I know what you mean about Christmas, though. It's like every year, "Hey! Christmas is in a few weeks! What a surprise!" Like it's something new this year... lol So we punt. (You punt beautifully, my dear. And with lots of style.)

carizolli said...

What a great blog post, LeaAnne! I'm so glad I have a friend like you! You're so positive! I love love love YOU!

PJ Productions said...

I loved that dress too. I think that we should shop for Christmas during the summer. The dads could take the kids to the park. It's a date. Till then we will just do out best. Love you!

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