Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's okay, it's not real!

Our kids are so great!

I love that they trust us about everything~ I am asked questions all day every day..
I am just not that These are some hard questions!!

I am grateful that they are the ones that came to live with us, I am glad that we are our family.

So.. What is it that is not real?? That thing I said up at the top there. ↑
Here it is, every time there is a movie on I have to tell the kids this.. "It's ok, it's not real."

I have always been bothered that they will all cry and run into a different room if they are afraid. We have to leave movies all the time because it is to scary. I get frustrated by this some times.
And... when other people tell me about movies I usually hear something like this..
"It was a GREAT movie, your kids might not be able to handle it."

Well, I have been thinking about this alot this past holiday season. Here is the deal..

I am HAPPY that my kids cry at scary things~

I will be so sad the day that they think that it is funny when people get hurt. I would never want them to think it is okay to kill anything. I don't want them to be alright with violence towards women or children~

I am so grateful for the tender souls that they have. I feel blessed that they believe me when I tell them they are going to be alright.

Do you know how great it is to know that there are people who completely trust you? I do~

PS.. From now on if people ask me how a movie is I might just say..
"Your kids will like it they are very desensitized~"
Ok..I would not do that ;)


PJ Productions said...

Love it! Jessica got scared by a Clifford movie we watched. Peter asked me if she is too sheltered since Clifford moves are not scary. Our kids have tender hearts and it's sweet!

Michele Alger said...

I'm glad you recognize and appreciate how tender their hearts are that they are bothered to tears about anyone getting hurt. To me it is a sign that you as parents are doing something right. I would LOVE if my children were more like that. What a sweet blessing.

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