Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Once upon a time..

Once upon a time we took Family Photos..
We would head over to the Mall and pay the Picture People some money and they would produce fantastic pictures that we LOVED and we hung them on our wall and felt so much pride!

Then one day...THEY MOVED!!

It has been 5 long years since we had professional photos! All because the Picture People moved & because we had a bad experience with the others guys (JC Penny's, Sears, Walmart)

We have tried and tried to take a nice picture. We would set the timer on the Camera and Rune would run really fast to try and get in the picture and smile nice.

Every now and then we did okay..

BUT, More times than that, they were not great.

Like THIS one~!

One thing is sure, we never looked the way I wanted us to.

Then, a couple of years ago a great gal moved in our ward at church who was SO creative! SHE was a great photographer and lots of people started having their pictures taken by her and I grew more and more frustrated at our lack of a family picture. I would lay in bed wishing that I would call her and she would do our pictures too! EASY you might think but, not for me!!

Since I am always a truthful with you here I will be so again! Here it is..
I HATE to have my picture taken!
I have never been the kind of girl who felt at ease in-front of a camera.. It has gotten worse as I have gotten older. (and less ) I would think, as soon as I have lost a few pounds I will cal or, when I get a hair cut that makes me feel better I will call or, when we have more money for really cute April Cornell dresses for the girls. I thought of a lot of other reasons not to call all because I feel so un-photogenic. The funny thing about it is that I take hundreds of pictures of everyone else.. We have documented (as you may know) everything our little ones have ever done.

Finally I called her!

We went and had pictures taken last Friday!! How very grateful I am that Kristen Moss was okay with doing it on a short notice and that she was willing to go to the spot (far away) that I wanted to go. This is what she did for us! What a wonderful friend!
THANK YOU Kristen Moss Photography for making us smile!


Kristen Moss said...

Oh LeaAnne. What a beautiful post. You are so sweet. I had no idea that you felt this way. I think you are beautiful and way to hard on yourself. You have a beautiful family, and I am so happy that we did your pictures. They came out beautifully, and I am so happy, I hope you enjoy them for a long time.

Ging said...

I am so glad you finally had them taken. They are some of my favorites- and I have looked at all of her photos. She is gifted- you are beautiful and your family photos are terrific. Sure love you.

Booth Family said...

Okay, so I'm way behind om blog reading--but what beautiful photos of all of you! Made me miss you guys!

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