Thursday, June 5, 2008

The long lost blogs..

We all know I have been thinking of 1000 other thing and have not been as good at blogging as I should have..

Here is a taste of what's been going on in our Family..Hope you don't get indigestion!

We have had some crazy days.. family par-tays.

We had a burnt Dad meal.
Thank Heavens we have this great friend "Jared" who new what we should do instead of eating the BURNT FOOD!

Rune the saddest dad in the whole USA..

He bought a pool to go in the front yard..

(We have a fun one in the back but we play out front so much so we thought a second kind would be good!)

Poor Rune .. he was FOOLED by the advertising.. It is Way to small! look at the kids on the box are they freakishly small?? Here are our normal sized children.. And it will NOT stand up the right way either!

Our grapes are growing!

Our ward had an interesting activity.

I was sick (again)

So Rune was supper Dad and went to Mom day at the building and played with the kids and "girls". :) Thanks Hun!

All in all we have been Happy, Busy, Sneeze, Sleepy, Bashful, and Grumpy!!


Lizzy said...

Have I mentioned I love your playlist? Because I do. It makes me want to make my own, but then I'd just have to copy all your songs.

Sounds like you have been busy. Glad you're back. I'm jealous of pools in the front and back yard (even if one is small). All we have is a sprinkler elmo attachment. It's just not the same.

Aimeeable said...

Poor Rune. I have to agree with Liz that I adore your playlist! I am having a bummer of a day so I just opened your page, listened to your soundtrack and surfed the web. Result: Instant mellow. I think you saved my husband and children's lives from having a seriously deranged mother lash out against them. THANKS!

Kathy F. said...

Your life is just a fairy-tale, LeaAnne! You have definitely been through the ups and downs. That pool is crazy! I want to meet those miniature children they got to pose for the box...

P&J Productions said...

Okay what was the deal with that pool? You happen to have very small children well girls anyway and they should be able to fit. What a fraud. Poor Rune. If it ever gets warm again maybe I will bring my very small child over to play in it.

Jen said...

What a fun looking pool! Sorry that you were sick, there seems to be some nasty stuff going around lately. I blame the weather. Poor Rune, tell him not to feel bad because I burned my first casserole the other day. I feel his pain.

P&J Productions said...

Your playlist makes me so happy. It takes me back to the girl I was BEFORE I was mommy. I need to start listening to more of my music and less kid stuff. As always you are too fun.

Stephanie said...

We got 'burned' by distorted pictures on our pool box as well. It shows the entire family sitting in it and relaxing with room to spare. Reality... my three youngest ducklings barely fit into it let alone Lance and I and with the three of them (tiny mini-people) there was barely room to spare.
I wanted to THANK YOU for your music too. I will join the praises of the fellow bloggers-your play list is great! Kiddo music is great but let's face it... sometimes Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun! ;o)

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