Thursday, May 29, 2008

To Norway we shall go.. I think..

Yes you read it right.. NORWAY!

I know you are saying..Didn't they JUST GET BACK??

Rune's youngest Sister (who I love with all my heart) is getting Married the 6th of September and they all want Rune to walk her down the isle. (as their Papa passed away a long time ago)
Rune really feels like he must go and be with them at this time..I do understand and feel that it will be a great thing for him and "his girls".
My worry..(some of you know this story
The Kids.. they would not be going with us.
It is times like this that I really miss my Mom.. She would be there willing to take them and love them and care for them matter what. I am now on the hunt..
Rune says he will not go if I do not go I must go or he will not..

I will disappoint someone. I know..whether it is our kids, his family, my family, friends.. Someone will think I am being selfish or not thinking of the feeling of that person..I as many know am a crazy worrywart about everything.. I am so worried about who I will upset.

Pros: Rune will be happy and get to see his family again, (2 times in 8 years is not a lot to ask.) he will get to do a little more family history work, seeing Rune's Mama and the family.

Cons: leaving the kids, financial concerns, any burden placed to caregiver. (not to mention it is during the FIRST week of school.) that crazy long plane trip, new job that he would not get.

What to do?
Really what would you do?


Jen said...

I think you guys are smart and will make the right decision. I'll help where ever you need it!

Tara said...

Oh that is a toughie!! It would be so cool to go back I bet, but I can see your stress with the kiddos. But just think - when will you ever get the chance again? And now you have a valid reason! Good luck!

carizolli said...

Whoa, that's a tight spot! Rune can't miss his sister's wedding! It will only happen once. And for him to walk his sister down the isle *awe* that's just sweet! It would be tricky to plan though, huh? Two trips to Norway in one year...that's certainly not cheap *whew* Good luck to ya!

Stephanie said...

LeaAnne I am sending HUGS your way... and sending up lots of prayers to help with your decision making process. Just take a deep breath... all will work out....
I love you girly-girl!

Heather said...

My first thought was pray, pray pray. You will know who is right to watch your children while you go. I think it will be a great experience for you and Rune! It will all work out!

Lisa said...

You know I am a fellow overprotective mother, so I understand your concerns. My husband and I have taken very few trips without the kids (I think actually maybe only one?!) But, family and family events are very important. Whatever you decide will set an example for your children, and teach them how they should prioritize events in their lives. (Nice of me to add pressure, huh?) I love you, and I know you will be prayerful and make the decisions that are best for your family. I told you I will help with your kids if you need me!

S'mee said...

O.k. Questions to ask:
How long a trip will this be?
How much time do you have to prepare yourself, the care giver, and the kids?
How can you prepare financially?
How will our decision matter in five years?

There obviously will be other questions to ask, however those are some to start with.

One thing to consider is that by leaving, yes, your children will need to deal without you for that time. However they will also learn things subconsciously, which depending on how you handle it, will be either positives or negatives.

In the last conference we were taught to choose "Good, Better, and Best". Make a list of these things (look down the road a bit and see if certain things will actually matter in five years- if they will, make that point carry more weight) and add them up. Which decision is the best?

Pray. Follow the Spirit. Communicate with everyone involved so that there are no hurt feelings. If you communicate negative concern to either your children or your family that is how they will receive it.

i.e. "Mommy *has* to go with Daddy. I know you may be sad to go to school by your self the first week, but I love you." Ack! I'm sad and you are being forced to go, and Dad could care less!

"We're sorry that we can't attend but it's just too much of a burden for the caregiver right now." Ack! You care more about a 'care giver' then you do about family!


"Mommy and Daddy are so excited to tell Aunt Prudence how grown up you all are! We are so pleased that you will have a fun week with Mrs. Doubtfire! She's going to blog/take photos/scrapbook/whatever with you-- That will be a blast!"

"We are so honoured that you have asked us to attend and especially asked Rune to take Dad's place. Unfortunately right now the kids are just not in a place where we feel comfortable leaving them with the choices we have for caregivers since Mom is no longer here. We will save so that we can meet up with you this summer with them in tow. They are already asking to meet their new Uncle Bernard!"

Hope this helps. hugs

Rachel said...

Um. I would go. Hands down. To have your husband walk his sister down the aisle is too meaningful to pass up. I don't think you'd be selfish by going AT ALL. Your kids will be F-I-N-E while you're gone. Trust me. You'll have a hard time being away from them... but they'll be just fine. (Trust me. I've left mine and they've done great.)
This is just my happy little opinion, though. You'll absolutely need to decide for YOU and when you do, it will be what's right.
Good luck!

Booth Family said...

Go for it! I always end up regretting missing important family things (most recently my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary) due to financial concerns or someone watching the kids. The sacrifice is usually worth it. Good luck!

Chelsea said...

You go! You have to go right? Dude! I would totally watch your kids if we were still going to be here, but by then we will be long gone to NYC. Want to send the kids to NYC? That would triple the expense part I suppose.

Linemoren said...

I know what you do.....
you hire a super nice wonderful nanny.... hmmmmm now who do you know that is a wonderful, great, super, etc. nanny.... ;)

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