Thursday, May 15, 2008


It all started with a YUMMY Chicken taco..
I have had a little flu bug for the last 24 hours. (I hope that it is gone)

Any who... Today was going to be a very busy day in the Larsen home... Sam had a jog-a-thon
for his school.

Katie was going to have a big wheels bike day at preschool. Her day ended up to be a stay at home and play with Lilly as Mommy try's not to die day.

Lilly was going to get to go to see all of it!!

On top of that it was an "Emmet Day" as our kids call it.

So Rune could not just watch the girls..Also I had a play date set (sorry Jamie and Jessy) and Ward Welfare meetings and I was invited to a really fun baby shower..

OH...BARF! Really who gets sick as often as I do?? NO ONE! (save my sister)

SO lovingly Rune took photo's for me to see!
(and because he is a foreign picture taking kind of guy)


Kathy F. said...

Those pictures of the girls with the flowers are just beautiful. Sorry you're sick. I've had a bug myself. :-( Let's get well!

Rachel said...

I'm sorry you're sick, LeaAnne. Get better soon so you can enjoy this amazing weather.
Ok. Tell me. How do you do those black and white photos with a bit of color??? They are awesome!

Heather said...

Fun pictures! Hope you are feeling better!

P&J Productions said...

I'm so sorry that you got the flu. We missed you but don't worry you can't get rid of us that easy. Hopefully you will be healed by Sunday so that I can talk your ear off as usual.

Lisa said...

I hope you are feeling better by now. You have a real talent for artistic pictures. I use the same program as you to touch up my photos, but yours are a work of art! Yeah Rune for taking pictures for you!!

Stacy Householder said...

Here's a big huge *FEEL BETTER* hug. :) You're probably (and hopefully) over it by now, but feel better hugs are good anytime. :) Love the pictures!! Your blog is full of amazing pictures!! :)

Love you! :)

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