Monday, May 12, 2008

A Mother's Day Miracle

Miracle of Miracles..

Lilly let her uncle Jim hold her! I know it might seem odd to anyone who knows my brother, BUT Lilly really has not liked him... Well not so much that she doesn't like him but she is scared to death of him! Last night during the family fun she let him pick her up and did not scream.. in fact she was happy to be with him! YAHOO for Lilly and for Jim! He has tried to be her friend for over two years with NO LUCK. (I sure hope this lasts!)

Katie Girl was telling me right here that one day she was going to grow up to be a Mommy and I would be a Granny. Funny little girl :)

This is the best little family I know! (even if they are crazy Picture posers !)

It is nice that they each have a cousin the same age to play with!
(notice all the pink!)


Kathy F. said...

This is a wonderful sweet family! Yay for Lilly and Jim! Yesterday in Primary, Sister Morenson asked the children, "What are some things moms are good at?" Most answers were of the cooking and cleaning variety. Then Katie piped up, "My Mom LOVES me!" The best answer of the day.

Then Sister Mortenson asked which scripture people had brothers. Someone said Nephi. "Who were his brothers?" "Laman, Lemuel." Then Sam raised his hand. Sister Mortenson: "Sam?" Sam: "Yes!" lol

Lisa said...

It looks like you had a good day with family. I'm glad Lilly is finally giving Jim a chance, he is a great guy! Don't you wonder what goes on in their little minds? I have to bribe Benjamin to even go near great-grandma, and I can't figure out why he doesn't want to have a thing to do with her. Maybe there is hope for him too.

Rachel said...

Sweet Uncle Jim! My little guy loves giving him hugs AND kisses when he comes over to home teach. So so sweet. I hope your little Lilly stays warmed up to him. He's a dear.

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day. Tell Norene she must blog now, too!

deedles said...

wahoo. just so long as he doesn't try and tickle her she should be fine.. xox

Lizzy said...

I love crazy picture posers! They make the best pictures!

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