Thursday, January 8, 2009

The First Thing he Said~

The Very First thing Rune said to me was "Tell me all about your mission..."

It is amazing to think that we met 9 years ago this week.

Not everyone knows exactly where they were and what they first said to their spouse, actually most people do not even know the Date that they met.. Because Rune and I met on the internet we are lucky to know lots of those little things.

I did not want the week to go by with out remembering a few things about that day.

NINE things that still amaze me about that day:
1. That night I was studding my lesson for Relief Society the next day.. the lesson was about not judging those who are different from you.. lol I told them all about him & I thought he was ODD...and how I was really judgeing him unfairly.
2. I had my niece Kelsey with me.. we stopped by to check on my Dad's place & use the computer on a whim.
3. Rune asked me for my phone number so that he could call me to get another girls number from me (a common friend ) and I was afraid to give mine.. (what did I think would happen) But felt fine giving out this other girls number with out asking her
4. We had a few people in common from Oregon & Utah to Norway. One was in my student ward & one worked with me in a wholesale flower shop. This still amazes me.
5. Rune told me to "give him some kind of a test to prove he was safe and LDS" Little did he know how many tests there would end up being over the" (I did not think then that he could look up the stuff I asked we were online.)
6. He had been on 2 missions.. and when he was set apart the 2nd time he had a beard..This really stuck with me, who was he an old time prophet?
7. I told him to call me at 7:00 pm my time, not knowing it was 4:00am his time.. And he did it.
8. I thought his name was made
9. After he called that night and we talked for an hour I hung up and said out loud (to myself since I lived by myself) that I was "never going to talk to that dork ever again." LOL
I also said.."Why would some guy from Norway call the US and spend that much money to talk for over an hour to a girl he don't know"...

I am and will be Eternally Grateful to him for calling and then calling again & again..
I love ya babe~

( BTW, That day I had NO IDEA where Norway was and had to look it up!)

P.S. We did NOT MEET on an
LDS singles site or in a
Chat room or with the help of any kind of
Dating site~
Father in Heaven Set us up~
I like to add that every


The Only Rune You Know said...

Do you remember that I suggested the question for the "test"... and I was not quite sure what the answer was....

If I remember correctly, I had to call you at 4, because, any later, I would have been at work.

I was not sure where Oregon was either... I just knew that Kathleen was from there.

SUV - what is that??? How many of them did you see when we were in Norway....

Kathy said...

It had to be Heavenly Father who brought you two together. How wonderful that you have all these memories! Better write them down for your kids--nobody would believe your story if they didn't know you guys. Congrats on 9 amazing years!

Anonymous said...

That's so cool. Heavenly Father does work in mysterious ways. Congrats on 9 years!

Lizzy said...

It's crazy to think that you found the person you'll be with forever on the other side of the world. So crazy! I love that Heavenly Father set you up. Too cute!

Lisa said...

I agree with Kathy - you really need to write the story down so that your kids and their kids (and on and on) will know that story. It is really special and unique - just like you two are!

Booth Family said...

Hey, I met Scott for the first time at Tricia's dinner party at her Grandparent's house out in Dexter.
Were you there? I was too shy to actually talk to him that night though...
Congrats on 9 years. Seems like Rune has always been around!

Stephanie said...

I remember you talking about him in our single's ward days and telling me that he had proposed. I thought, 'This girlie is nutso... she doesn't even KNOW him.'
And now look, nine fabulous years ~ three beautiful children and 'forever' laid out in front of you...

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